Start today. Visit the guide on my site. Head to the gatalog. Download, print, enjoy.


How is it going with those 3d printed shotgun shells? Do they actually work? Would be even nicer with an electronic trigger.

I think that would probably be the easiest ammunition to print and to create at home in europe.

@h4890 @ctrlpew Is there a recipe for the priming compound at Gatalog?

@ctrlpew @gat

Although I did not have the opportunity to try it in a gun, I did experiment last summer with primers based on matches.

Based on my very limited knowledge about ammunition, it seemed like it would work, since a hard shock was enough to set it off. I do not think however, that it would be enough to light my low quality home made gun powder, but if you are using factory made stuff perhaps a primer based on matches would be enough to work.

Hopefully the fediverse expert (...)

@ctrlpew @gat will be able to add their knowledge to this little thread.

Oh, and just in case it is not obvious, with matches I mean that you crush the match head, and then scrape some of the "safety surface" (or what ever it is called in english) from the side of the box into the mixture.

After that, hidding the mixture hard with a spoon or other hard objects is enough to set it off.

@h4890 @ctrlpew I played with matchhead compound between two bolts in a nut, when I was a boy. However, that experience tells me that matchheads need quite a bit of force. The brass anvil inside the cartridge may not be sufficient, even if striker hits the primer hard enough. Of course, one can experiment easily enough.

@gat @ctrlpew

Interesting. How much force does a gun strike the primer with?

My simple test was to deposit a small amount of matchhead primer on a metal surface, and striking it lightly with a spoon and it went off.

I do not know however, how a strike with a spoon compared with the force of the strike of a gun.

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