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With Biden officially in the highest seat of the land, any actions taken by him in line with his corrupt history will be irrefutable treason.

Trump stepped aside graciously, eliminating the rage his haters had for him.

Now it's God's turn!

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Today is abolitionist Lysander Spooner's birthday! He was born on this day 213 years ago. He advocated for everyone's liberty.


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RT @rcalo: Censorship must be out of control. Everyone is constantly talking about it.

I wonder if Navalnyj is trying the jesus strategy by returning to russia and try to become a martyr.

And Putin on the other side, is of course afraid of this and of more potential embargoes, so will he arrest him, risking this, or letting him go and try to murder him again at a later time?

Very nice and easy explanation of big O notation!


This was definitely not how it was explained to me when I went to school.

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more relevant as ever ...
try find some meaning survive

it's not rare for someone to have suicidal thinking, but that's wrong.

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So just imagine for a second, that first of all, we shrink the 30 days corona death window to 7 or 14, and that we cound dead by corona and not with.

In an instant you could decrease the death nrs with 80% or so.

What a horrible news story that would be! ;)

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From time to time, science manages to break through mainstream medias narrative!

In todays paper, the region of Stockholm analyzed corona deaths among elderly 70+ from march to august 2020.

Of 1089 corona deaths the following was found out:
17%: Cause of death corona (185 dead).
8%: Cause of death, NOT corona (87 dead.)
75%: Indications that corona contributed to death.

In the region of Östergötland, similar research was done, and the figures where then 15%, 15% and 70% unknown.

seconds her eyes glazed over and she let me in.

Except that, no problem.

I do feel sorry for the one man who was refused, because the new PCR rules came into effect when he was on a plane from the US, so of course it did not matter that he was on a plane when the new rules started, so he had to stay.

The other one was an old man who probably did not even know how to navigate all apps and electronic corona tracking systems, so he was denied too.

Feel very sorry about them. =(

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Only two small incidents. In Stockholm they first said I could not fly since I did not have a PCR test. I explained that I am transiting through Riga, and if they look themselves, they will see that passengers in transit are excempt. They thought about it and agreed.

Then on the plane, a flight attendant half my age would at first not accept my medical note due to a lack of stamp.

I started to explain that sweden is not a stamp country and it is signed with contact details, and after 45

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What a surprise! Yesterdays maskless plan trip went without any problems, and on my second flight they didn't even bother to read my note carfully, smiled, and asked if there was anything they could do to make my journey any easier!


It feels good to not be treated like a jew in nazi germany sometimes! =)

I'm thinking that I will perhaps continue to pay 6x the price of budget airlines to be treated as a human being! I'm very, very blessed in that I can afford to pay 6x budget airline.

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won't be getting my money.

So let's keep our fingers crossed! It still seems like it is possible to travel maskless, but tomorrow evening we'll know for sure.

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So tomorrow is the first flight of the year. Let's see if it will end in a near disaster like when I was almost stopped from visiting family for christmas, or if it will be a smooth and maskless experience!

I've loaded up on medical notes, confirmation from the company itself, 2 corona tracking papers, and called 3 airports about their mask and transit guidelines.

I've also waved goodbye to Wizzair and Lot who did not allow me, despite my medical note, to fly maskless, so happy that they

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