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Virtually all reasonable laws are obeyed, not because they are the law, but because reasonable people would do that anyway. If you obey a law simply because it is the law, that’s a pretty likely sign that it shouldn’t be a law.

massinjected, and 1 years later, a global pandemic of cancer starts.

Then we can talk about Nuremberg trials.

But hopefully this will never happen.

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From todays newspaper...

Wonderful! Our politicians have decided that a pandemic shall never again happen... therefore....

they came up with the Carbis Bay declaration where the goal is that vaccines should be developed and approved in under 100 days.

So if you were worried about the current generation which only took a year or so, you just wait until corona vaccine generation X, that will be approved in under 100 days.

Imagine the horror, corona vaccine X is approved, spread and (...)

Something I find really annoying when watching hunting and fishing videos is that they are talking about "harvesting" fish and animals.

This is silly!

I fish, and I have no problems saying that I am killing the fish.

"Harvesting" makes it sound like they are defensive or ashamed of what they do.

Would be very interested in hearing from the fediversemembers who live in europe (like myself) to get a feeling for others perception of the creeping socialism in europe.

The bright side is that no matter the conditions, there will always be people who are strong enough to prosper anyway. =)

Hmm, Texas or Florida... is that where my future children will grow up?

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And on a brighter note...

My little birds nest under my window is active and every time there is a lot of noise the mother is right there feeding her young.

They probably won't pay me back for digging out the insulation under the window for their nest, but following them is a good compensation! =)

today, lo and behold!

I discovered that I have a bird nest under my window sill! What a lovely compensation!

This also explains the loud beeping I've heard at odd hours. I thought the next was on the roof, but they actually managed to dig out a bit of insulation, and now there's a small black bird under the window sill on the 5th floor.

Wonderful! :D

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Yesterday when out walking I found a fledgling bird grounded under a big tree. Not much to do about it and according to all expertise, as long as they have feathers and are hopping around, you should not save them.

So heart breaking as it was, I did not do anything and someone gently shood him a bit closer to the tree so he was not sitting in the middle of the walking path.

Still, felt sorry for the little guy last evening and hope he recovered so he could fly home.

And (...)

This is why I:

1. Started my company in another country.


2. Have a joint stock company.

To me it seems like you should never, ever, have a single person company in sweden. You are basically working more for the state than for yourself.

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Have a look at this video! It's 2:37 and shows how much tax and costs you have in sweden on an income of about 4000 USD as a single person company.

Then you can feel lucky that you live in the US! ;)


Note that once you do get your net, a lot of things you buy in sweden has a 25% VAT and there is a lot of surrounding taxes on gasoline, electricity, congestion tax for driving in and out of the city of Stockholm and so on, so you net will be lower than reported in (...)

The netherlands must ban bitcoin:


"After all, the product itself [bitcoin] has no intrinsic value and derives its appeal only from acceptance by others.”

Haha mr Politician, does that sound like something else you use every day to buy coffee? ;)

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US inflation hitting 4.7% according to figures in the swedish mainstream news.

If it continues to accelerate upwards from there, I think politicians will start to get a bit nervous and probably will result in some kind of ham fisted action that will crush the recovery.

Interesting! The police cracked another encrypted phone service called Anom.

Apparently FBI cracked some competitors, and steered criminals to Anom which they either controlled or found weaknesses in.

Will this be the year when criminals, globally, discover open source in their arms race with the government?

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El Salvador looks to become the world’s first country to adopt bitcoin as legal tender

If the CIA fails to overthrow him, then El Salvador is going to be the origin of the collapse of fiat domino's.


So now I'm on my second day of government "quarantine" but according to the Mrs, they don't work weekends, so it was great to be able to go out in the sun.

Let's see on monday if they bother to call me on my international nr to check up on me.

What I don't understand is what they do if I don't pick up?

I mean, I could be in a customer meeting, taking a shower, sleeping etc. so don't really see what they are accomplishing.

Also, I know have my feature phone, so good luck installing (...)

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