My mastodon feed seems to have reach some kind of stable state.

It seems like I have blocked or have been blocked by most christian fundamentalists and redneck nationalists so now it's mostly memes with a pinch of interesting discussion here and there.

Very good!

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Salman Rushdie was stabbed by a believer.
A pregnant women was shot at the western wall by a Muslim believer.

The connection is Islam.

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I'm 43 years old today so here's my old-man-wisdom for the day.

The answer to every question involving God is: I don't know.

Any other answer is made up bullshit.

Hmm, I've tried shrimp, corn, bread and fish as bait the last 3 days and very few nibbles.

I think it is too hot for my little fish at the moment, because they are not showing a lot of energy right now.

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I have been seeing variations of "Fuck The IRS. How about we get 87000 armed school resource officers instead?"

When will you idiots learn?

Stop trying to replace one giant act of big government overreach for another.

How about "Fuck the government, quit stealing our money."

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@h4890 use a basic sourdough process:
500g white bread flour (King Arthur)
200g whole wheat flour (KA)
100g starter (50% of this is water)
14g sea salt
485g water
I did machine mix with dough hooks, rest 30min, 4 stretch and folds 30 minutes apart, first rise about 30% growth, shape, rest 30min, final shape, into banneton basket, fridge 36 hours, coated in flour/rice flour mix , 500 deg F cast iron Dutch oven preheated, in oven covered 30 min @450, cover off down to 400 for 10 min. Cool 2 hours.

Dear fediverse!

Since the ipod is now gone, does anyone of you know of an android powered device that's similar in size?

I do not want a phone with a sim card slot, just wifi and maximum 4 inch screen is enough.

I'm thinking about experimenting with simless communication, but the smallest somewhat modern tablet I found is 7" and that is waaaay too big to carry with me just for talking.

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mix. Nice concept!

Now we'll see what's next. I have a 3 hour BBC documentary about Opera, a fairly updated physics/fate of the universe documentary or something else.

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norwegian many years ago, and the interesting difference is that in the old documentary, he is portrayed much more as a savant with mental problems, and once he foundthe safety and stability of chess, he could finally start to develop and mature as a human being. In this documentary, he is portrayed more as "anyone" with a special gift for chess.

* Shogun: James Clavells legendary book made into a TV series about feudal japan, ower struggles between lords, with europeans thrown into the (...)

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Vacation is quite boring, but one nice thing is that I finally have some time to watch good documentaries, and to find them and other stuff which had to wait due to work.

I recomment:

* Dirty tricks: Fascinating documentary about the best bridge player in the world and how social media was used to bring him down. I am not convinced about him cheating, but have a look and form your own opinion.

* Magnus: Documentary about the worlds best chess player. I watched another documentary in (...)

realized that it can actually hurt animals. ;)

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I'm making good progress with my traditional longbow. I can hit fairly consistently at about 20 yards.

I wonder what the recommended skill level is for hunting?

I'm getting more and more interesting in actually taking the time and effort to get a bow hunting license. Let's see if another year of practice might bring me to the point where I decide to actually try it! =)

Fun anecdote, a visitor thought my bow was a toy until the arrow stuck hard in a tree from 20 yards. Then he kind of (...)

Very nice weekend of fishing! Finally the fish are starting to wake up after a small break in july. =)

Nothing big, but interesting to note that the pike is awakening. All 4 caught were too small so they had to go back and hopefully I'll see them again next year bigger, better and stronger, in which case at least one might go on the smoker! ;)

is still _not_ working is my LG magic remote. It is a bit annoying, but I can use the web interface or an app as a remote control, so it is not the end of the world. I guess I could in theory by a non magic remote as well, but it would be nice to get it working.

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Last night I updated my raspberry pi 3a+ to raspbian bullseye and kodi 19.4.

Lessons learned:

Don't do an upgrade. Wipe the entire thing and install from scratch.

Once I did that, I have to say that so far kodi feels more smooth and more stable.

I copied my . files and my plugins were migrated automatically as well.

We'll see in a few days if the stability also extends to the plugin systems or if occasional freezes will resume once I start to watch some youtube.

Only thing that (...)

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