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Interesting article about the Frisson phenomenon.


I've never had this when listening to music, watching art movies or poetry.

However I _might_ have had something similar to this reading something very deep and meaningful or once or twice in nature.

But never on any deep level.

Well, I guess I'm a swedish non emotional robot at heart. ;)

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favour of things which they never believed.

So both finished their experiments with a greater respect for the power of media to shape opinions.

I enjoy reading the occasional rt.com article, conspiracy theories etc. but I can definitely feel that tug sometimes.

Therefore balancing my sources is so extremely important to tease out the propagande and get to the (often) hidden heart of the matter.

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I was reminded today of an unintentional experiment in media manipulation indepdently performed by my business partner (libertarian) and my wifes father (conservative).

Both thought (at different points in time) about exposing themselves to the other sides media.

My business partner entered upon a cure of only Fox news, and my wifes father, some russian TV channel.

The scary thing is that both of them experienced getting "sucked in" by the propaganda discovering themselves arguing in (...)

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Step outside of politics: people are mostly friendly and social, and love sharing their passions with other people.

Don't believe those who have built their whole parasitic careers profiting on hate and division.

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think next time I'm going to southern europe for vacation I should just drive. I wonder if I bought a luxury car that is _dead quiet_ on the autobahn, I wonder if it would make driving an enjoyable experience?

Probably not.

The other long term option is probably a Yacht. But I think the yacht idea will only become close to reality when I decide to retire.

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Whenever I travel for vacation and not for business I am always reminded of why I absolutely hate flying!

4 hours from Spain to the baltics with endless screaming (children and adults), talking, ipads with games on the highest volume, old women with way, way too much perfume, people not being able to sit still, delays.

Sigh... at least when I fly for business it is to non exotic destinations, at times that do not work for families, so the planes tend to be half full and quiet.

I (...)

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Interesting article about why cryptos in their current form will implode:


I think it makes a lot of sense and he does highlight a few things I've figured out myself, so nice to hear someone else independently bring up the same thing.

companies who in turn have enough lawyers to compensate by other means and in the end, it will only stop or slow down companies about to become billion dollar companies. The big target here is of course voters and to display a fake show of "fairness".

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In todays mainstream swedish news...

Bill Gates positive about global corporate tax.

F*ck you too Bill! I don't remember seeing any of that during the 80s and 90s when you built your fortune. But yes, continue to step on the ones below you.

Fortunately political greed and mismanagedment of economies will always create an incentive for politicians to step away from the tax so I don't see that happening any time soon.

At most it will be an OECD thing that will only hit billion dollar (...)

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The legit champions of humanity - those who procreated us.

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@Andrii @spiritsplice

"There was only one Christian, and he died on the cross."

Due to a harddrive crash I finally had some time to reinstall and this time I went with XFCE instead of Gnome.

What a relief and a breath of fresh air!

For the moment I think that XFCE is a good middle ground between resource efficiency and "lightness" and the ability to tinker with it, while at the same time getting all the built in goodness of all buttons working and being able to connect to a projector without any trouble at all.

Unless I discover some fundamental incompatibility (...)

corporations and the government working together, and how corporations manage to corrupt politicians. Feels very grey and realistic. Love it!



And then a swedish book about marketing/PR which was not so good, so won't mention it.

Amazing what 10 free days and no TV can do for your reading habits! =)

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at a self help blog for 10 minutes.


The way to willpower, Henry Hazlitt:

Short companion to the above. Worse. Same feel good self help, but less value in my opinion.


A delicate truth, John le Carré:

Brilliant, grey spy novel. I always wonder how close to the truth le Carré manages to get given his background in the public sector. According to his own interviews, he started writing novels because his intelligence job was so boring. ;)

Nice, spy story, about (...)

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