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Apple picking over the weekend. Is it really fall if you don't post these kinds of pictures? 🤷‍♂️🍁🍂

Corona stories!

I went to get a haircut the other day and as soon as I entered the store, the barber said "here, have a beer on the house"!


Since you don't have to wear a mask when eating or drinking, and he is sick of having to cut around masks, and his customers are sick of it too, he gives everyone a free beer, so that we can both do business as human beings!

Too bad he didn't accept tips, he would have gotten a huge one! =)

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* Once again reconnected with my childhood hobby of fishing.

* And perhaps the most important things of all, having been living in a complacent hobbit like western democracy, I learned how quickly in a western democracy, your basic freedoms can be taken away.

I think this lesson is extremely important and in a way, feel lucky that I experienced this to shake me out of my false sense of security and complacency.

Hmm, I think that's about it, when it comes to the positives.

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So what about the positive? The corona hysteria gave me the chance to implement some positive changes in my life. Here they are:

* Finally ingrained the habit of always taking the stairs to add some exercise due to cancelled business meetings.

* Due to less work hours, I finally implemented a backup solution for me + family based on my own mini cloud.

* I learned a new knot for my shoe laces. Now they never come undone! =) Such a simple change, such a dramatic result. ;)

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Being "bored" forces your mind to work.

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Just a reminder:
Women are women.
Men are not women.

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No idea who @MarcellusWiley is but this is what it looks like to speak truth to power


why the plan to paint ‘Black Lives Matter’ on courts is a bad idea

Quite an interesting day! It seems like people are tired of face masks, and business owners as well.


Business owners risk enormous fines if they accept customers who don't wear face masks, so they are threatened into compliance.

I feel very sorry for them. The government shuts down the economy, they suffer, then the government hits them with fines, if they try and provide the few remaining customers with a pleasant experience.

Way to go government! =(

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just in case you drank the leftist koolaid, spend some time at mises.org, you’ll be surprised at how deceived you are: mises.org/library/enemies-capi vs

about my medical condition and he backed off.

But then came the second flight. I had to present my doctors note three times, and it was copied once for "the records" but in the end everything was fine.

The positive was of course no lines, and people kept some distance from me, and I did get a few curious looks being one of the few who did not wear a mask.

Another negative was I had to fill in about 5 tracing forms, but otherwise, all good!

Return trip will be very interesting!

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Then I tried to present my doctors note at the plane check in and they told me "don't wprry" and didn't even look at the note.

Then they printed 2 new tickets and I think that when Mrs h4890 realized that she could get a nice and secluded seat "riding" on my note, she kind of went along with it, in return for soaking me with hand sanitizer every 5 minutes or so. Fair trade! =)

On the plane no one cared, and I pretended to be sleeping. Once a flight attendant gently reminded me and I told him

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Ha! So you can all relax! I have to say that travel has almost improved due to the corona situation! ;)

And a compromise was eventually reached with Mrs h4890!

First of all, in sweden, even the employees of the airport didn't wear masks or wore them on their heads or under their chins despite face mask posters on every single wall in the airport. So they could hardly enforce it when they didn't use them themselves.

Apart from that, the airport was like a ghost town.

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