I forgot, I never shared with you the results of the 22tcm19. Apologies.

New drop from iprintshit and The Gatalog - The Glocknofsky
Its like two guns in one.
Hit my site to learn more. Stay tuned for a build tutorial on this one.

Were back on baby. We renegotiated with the distributor and got the price to 955 (and that includes your Pi computer and shipping). Yes you can order it cheaper from some vendors but read their fine print. Also read the print on the product description for the full details.

Spins revolver...
Should we sidestep some future development and make a few of these?
Pepperboxes and harmonica guns were a branch of firearms history that I've always enjoyed. At least theoretically.

AKM RPK AK100 series receivers dropped. Plastikov V3 baby. Hit the site to learn more.

Live free or fucking die posters.
How dope would it be to have a sticker that was poster sized. A super freedom sticker. You in?
Also "livefreeordie" for 10% off until the 11th. Because Independence Day and freedom.

Homies, I want a Voron and I do not want to spend $1400-$1700 on it. A company I have worked with previously has offered me wholesale pricing on 2.4 R2 350mm kits. its still 1100. I know its a lot but if you have been eyeballing a Voron this might be good for you to get in on.

Spent brass is sus.
The belt printer has cranked out half a dozen of these so far. As you can tell there is still some tuning to be done but at least the thing is running, which is more than I could say about it for the last year or so.

The MonoPoly AR reciever is the newest offering from the homies at the gatalog. You know where to go to learn more.

Sus Belt Gang.

I forgot how fun the CR30 was. This new belt seems less picky than the OEM belt. Gonna get my other printer together and test them out side by side.

The Gatalog's DD43x and 48 Frames are through the betas and online!
Hit my site to learn more.

New merch in the shop. Dont know why I didn't do a "Download a gun" shirt sooner.

ALSO - I accept credit card and bitcoin via the shop and I will never sell you anything via DM. If anyone ever tries its a scam. Just don't.

Its alive!
Belt gang,
I've got a specific gun in mind that will require a print bed like this. Shenanigans abound.

One of the homies said "put an A2 stock on it".
Thanks I hate it.
Stockussy V1 installed. Adaptations pending.

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