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Public school teachers are afraid that you might be able to hear them brainwashing your kids

@phicyclist @AtlasFreeman yeah the school i went to not only did nothing about physical abuse going on, but the staff partook in the abuse of minors. no punishment was ever handed out.

like fuck i trust these people with my non-existent children.

@icedquinn @AtlasFreeman
A friend had taken her children out of public school & told administration they're her's, not the state's - she could do what she pleased. The staff were in shock but couldn't do anything because she's right :)

@EMPEROR @phicyclist @AtlasFreeman literally drug across the carpet and locked in to a cabinet while bleeding
@phicyclist Oh noes, pedophile teachers might no longer get away with telling boys that they were trannies all along and ought to cut their dicks off, and it will be harder for them to get away with anti-White and misandrist brainwashing.

@EMPEROR @ChristiJunior
From pedophile Twatter feeds, where they feel free to expose their sick thoughts.

@EMPEROR @phicyclist Sexual attraction primarily towards prepubescent children is sick by pretty much any definition, they're too young to have kids, and their bodies are not made for sex with adults. The pedophile's narrow window of sexual attraction closes the moment when a semi-normal relationship might actually have become possible.

Not to mention how much a sick, evil fuck you have to be to encourage and/or nurture a mental illness like transgenderism in impressionable children.

>ask children, they will not say it is sick

WTF is this shit? Talk about protection. No kid would ever say that. This is only the fantasy/delusion of a seriously sick mind that literally belongs in jail.

@EMPEROR @wishgranter14
By sick he means you need years of therapy at this point

No, it is you who used the word. You define it, faggot. What you're engaging in is simple pilpul, and dodging the point with semantical bullshit. But that's all your statements add up to, anyway. So I guess it's just as well

@EMPEROR @ChristiJunior
You want to ask kids what they think about predator perverts that their parents protect them from?

Judging by your posts, you must be a pedophile. You'll have bigger problems than word salad if you ever come across my kids.

@EMPEROR @ChristiJunior
Please block me.

It'll save me from wasting the time to acknowledge your existence in my list.

@EMPEROR @ChristiJunior @phicyclist

The only qualifier is "Sexual attraction primary towards prepubescent children is sick UNLESS you're a prepubescent child."

Kids can be attracted to kids .. because they're kids. Most states have Juliet laws so you're not in trouble if you turn 18 and are still dating that 16 year old.

But if you're 30 and attracted to an 18 year old, something is seriously wrong with you. First, you don't remember how stupid you were as a kid. Second, just no.

Even adults aren't really mature enough to really handle our emotions, so 18 (16 some places) might be arbitrary minimum, but it's a reasonable one. That's why it's there in the law.

You're the definition of SJW.

My kids will know how to deal with adversity & fight back against aggressors instead of cowering like you.

Get to know Jesus by reading the Bible. He's coming back as a conquering warrior king.

You don't need to define yourself as one to behave like one.

Don't be so deluded to think that you aren't one & that rationalizing evil is a good thing to do.

May God open your eyes. Barring that, may He have mercy on you.

There is a special circle in the abyssal depths of the inferno for their absolute degeneracy.

@phicyclist When did it become the job of teachers to indoctrinate kids in their particular ideology? Stick to teaching job skills.

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