Climate Change takes its #toll on #Mozambique

“It is time to accept as #fact that #climate #change will only increase the #severity of #ExtremeWeather; they present themselves to us as #symptoms of the existential threat of #ClimateChange. We must hold accountable the heavy #polluters and #emitters, who continue to go #unchecked.
This is a wake up call, and we urge our leaders to act with urgency to tackle the threats of climate change and to ensure #ClimateJustice"

You are spamming. Your facts are illusions. Climates always change, but there is no real human ability to influence or control. Your pressing and framing will result in billions of deaths. It will bring us back to the middle ages, with accompanied famines.


@HenkieNL @tuxom Pure F.U.D.: why would acting to improve the climate result in billions of death ?
I can see why not acting to change the climate would, but I'm interested in your vision of why compensating as best as possible human effect on climate would be bad and make us "return to middle ages"
We'd have alternative products for our day to day, it could impact transportation, but would still have food security, good infrastructure, mobile phones and so on.
Hardly middle ages


With only limited energy, the world can feed only a few persons per square mile. High tech products cannot exist in such environment.
Think a moment about the energy use just to build your home. All the bricks, glass and tiles are baked and transported. The copper for electricity. The plastics used. The iron for heat radiators. You are delusional this can all go on with some windmills and solar panels.

@HenkieNL @tuxom 😂
1. Build your home with wood coming from actually sustainable forest, and you'll use less energy, plus you'll capture carbon. Instead of cement, use something like ferrock that is all in all carbon neutral
2. Glass still costs energy, but it is mostly powered by recycling, plus we could make it more locally
3. Using copper is not mandatory for electricity, carbon nanotubes wires do at least as good as copper



The alternatives you give are suboptimal solutions. Otherwise they would be chosen right now. Electronics is reducing its power use since the first radio, and still goes on. But it needs an high tech environment. Building with wood might be good in the north, but in the south, f.i. Greece, Egypth, Spain, Morokko, etc. They use massive stone buildings. Why would that be?
Just pressing people to use inferiour solutions doesn't solve the problem.

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