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Code of Conduct

Liberdon's community adopts a "good neighbor" policy, as one of our goals is outreach to the other communities. As such, "ostracizable" (non-tolerated) behavior includes spamming, scamming, nudity* / pornographic / sexual / graphic / NSFW content, advocacy of the initiation of violence, ethnic/racial/homophobic slurs, harassment, or other content/activity that could get this site shut down by state agents with guns. Offending content will need to be removed by the user, and repeat offenders will be banned from the community.

We strive to be "work-friendly", so if you post anything that's allowable under our policy but may reasonably be considered objectionable, please use a CW (content warning) to tag it as such.

Note: If your account is primarily going to use aggregated/auto-posts, please enable the "This is a bot account" option in your profile, and ensure your bot isn't posting so often that it's overwhelming the local timeline (up to a few posts per hour on average is a good rule of thumb).

Moderation activities will be as transparent as possible, with rationales for each action. The community will have the opportunity to review and give input on actions, and the moderation team will be responsive to that.

Basically, just try to be a reasonable, productive member of Liberdon :)

* Nudity exceptions - the following are okay: Nudity in photos of paintings and sculptures; Breastfeeding (with content warning); Nudity in photos of political expression or significance (with content warning). Examples that don't qualify as exceptions: Nudity in digital art; Nudity with political text simply added to it; etc. Another good rule of thumb is "use common sense" ;)


How to donate

Liberdon is kept running solely on your donations, as we don't advertise or sell your data. Your contributions are greatly appreciated! You can donate directly via:
Or other crypto (Dash, Monero, ZCash, etc) via CoinPayments:

Note: Want another coin? Let us know!

How to invite people to follow you

Go to Invites. Check Invite to follow your account, and generate a link. People who sign up through the invite will automatically follow you!

How to enable/disable email notifications

Go to Notifications

Recommended: Enable all notifications to start with; then, if there are any you find you don't like, disable them.

How to find other Liberdon users to follow

Go to @Ambassador's follows. Ambassador auto-follows all new Liberdon users so we can easily find each other.

Does this instance block any other instances?

Not as of this writing, but if it happens in the future, in the interest of full transparency it will be posted on @liberdon's profile, as will other admin news.

How to export all your data

Go to Data export

How to move from/to another Mastodon instance

  1. Export your data (see above)
  2. Import your data file via Data import

How to auto-post to Liberdon from Twitter (or any service on IFTTT)

A) Easy way (Twitter/Instagram only): Moa

B) Advanced way via IFTTT:

  1. In Liberdon, go to New Application
  2. Enter:
    • Name: Liberdontist
    • Website: https://liberdon.com
    • Scopes: read + write should be checked. Submit.
  3. Open the new app you created and select the access token.
  4. Create (and login to) an IFTTT account
  5. In IFTTT, go to maker_webhooks settings. Make sure it’s active.
  6. Create a new app for your desired service. For example, the "if this" could be Twitter > New tweet by you.
  7. For the "then that" section, choose a Webhooks action.
    • FOR TEXT + IMAGE POSTS, enter:
      1. URL: https://liberdon-bot.glitch.me/status_media
      2. Method: POST
      3. Content Type: application/json
      4. Body: { "access_token": "YOUR_LIBERDON_APP_ACCESS_TOKEN", "status": "<<<{{THE_TEXT_INGREDIENT}}>>>", "image_url": "{{THE_IMAGEURL_INGREDIENT}}" }
      5. NOTE: for Body, replace {{THE_TEXT_INGREDIENT}} & {{THE_IMAGEURL_INGREDIENT}} with your text/image ingredients; for example, from RSS this might be {{EntryContent}} & {{EntryImageUrl}}
      6. NOTE: this is an experimental service!
    • FOR TEXT-ONLY POSTS, enter:
      1. URL: https://liberdon.com/api/v1/statuses?access_token=YOUR_LIBERDON_APP_ACCESS_TOKEN
      2. Method: POST
      3. Content Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
      4. Body: status=<<<{{THE_TEXT_INGREDIENT}}>>>
      5. NOTE: for Body, replace {{THE_TEXT_INGREDIENT}} with your text ingredient if different; for example, from Twitter this might be {{Text}}
  8. Save, and add a title like If new tweet, post to Liberdon
  9. Try it!

Note: If your account is primarily going to be auto-posts, please enable the "This is a bot account" option in your profile.

What is 'bird site'?

It's a legacy social media site also known as 'Twitter'. If you go to this tweet and reply from your birdsite account with a link to your Liberdon profile, the liberdoncom birdsite account will follow you and RT your link. It's a good way for birdsite users to find each other here!