@ChristianAnarchist It is scary how well the combination of mass media and politicians work to scare people into submission.

When you point out that it is absurd, sometimes you even get the reply that face diapers is no different to wearing clothing.

If you compare a face diaper with pants, then the media has definitely got to you.

Everyone was WRONG about the coronavirus. This is a great read and it make a good point about “immunity deniers” getting the goonerment goonsquad all worked up about a big nothing burger... There will be NO second wave...


wuhan chinese virus in Florida today according to NYT. Seems to be reaching peak.

BITCOIN TITANIC GOLDEN CROSS - OPPORTUNITY OF LIFETIME (btc price analysis prediction news today - YouTube youtube.com/watch?v=y0gQSFIa90

Just read an article in The Guardian talking about how Jo Jorgenson was on a Boogaloo-linked podcast and implying that this is wrong because there are some vague racist fringe elements of the Boogaloo movement and it's bad for political candidates to associated with this movement because doing so "mainstreams" it.... Oh my, where to begin??

Top reasons I'm incurably wacist:
- I believe nobody is responsible for the sins of others
- I believe in merit
- I believe racial quotas are immoral
- I recognise that justice is an individual concept t rather thana hereditary, demographic, or class-based concept
- I recognise that 🏁 race 🏁 is one of the worst ways to judge an individual
- I recognise that people of any 🏁 race 🏁 can be racist against any 🏁 race 🏁
-I'm not foolish enough to let Marxists redefine words without shifting my position accordingly.

Rumours of my racism are greatly exaggerated. And require an entirely bogus usage of the term.

Slow day in the office, so what could be better than some Corona statistics time?

Week 26 results: 2020 in sweden is still only the second worst year i terms of deaths per person. Worst year was 2015.

The trend for 2020 is decreasing, so if the trend continues, 2020 could slide down to third worst year making 2017 the second worst in the last 5 years. Let's see next week.

All figures from www.scb.se. Screenshot attached.


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