GOP Lawmaker Accuses Biden Of Trying To ‘Create Chaos’ With Vaccine Mandates

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Did you know AOC was a total spook? Never even crossed my mind. Why didn’t you guys tell us?

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Listen to the Voice of FREEDOM!

Beautiful, powerful and very human plea by a nurse for PERSONAL CHOICE and FREEDOM to oppose the vaccine mandate.

Keep yourself from saying these three deadly words which will help you what you do want in life.

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When truth becomes a crime, you are being ruled by CRIMINALS
You can't buy a new appliance these days without it immediately asking if you want to connect it to your wifi. No, I don't. I don't know what the fridge and the microwave are plotting but I want no part of it.
@becassine "God I hate this place. It's such a shithole. Time to leave so I can ruin another state" - Average Californian
The CDC won't release data that supports their mask mandate because the CDC has no data to support their decision.

The SPARS Document
•Jun 11, 2021

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Americans think living in a socialist police state is normal, but freedom is not some textbook theory.

There are still some Americans alive today who will tell you that freedom is better.

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