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Great Northern Railway was built with no government intervention.
Which means that market somehow just made it. How come? A transcontinental road, just a bit later. What coordinated those companies? What helped them to solve all the described problems, eh?
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If is way less dangerous than the flu, gotta wonder why entire fucking cities are being quarantined.

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Thought you might be interested:


Thought related to this really thought provoking interview, which I have listened to numerous times from
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PoW vs PoS
An example of a system where no direct ownership (private property) makes a stronger system


I tend to think IP is fucked. May benefit form PoW model more than PoS model.

@gael Not getting push notifications with Keybase App. Aware?

Galileo wanted a purely quantitative science of the physical world, and he therefore proposed that these qualities were not really in the physical world but in consciousness, which he stipulated was outside of the domain of science.


"Accept the rationality of time, never its fairness or morality."
Bed of Procrustes

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As the insightful @saifedean proposes, the salvation for Palestinians is localism/libertarianism. Follow him not the pseudo-left who destroyed their cause.

Original: twitter.com/nntaleb/status/119

Full-List of bots: mastlist.blogspot.com

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