@johnnynull ahh; OK I am beyond slightly beyond sobriety at this point so I'll trust you

You would not believe what I witnessed at the grocery store today

@johnnynull too many margaritas and way too many words there... What's it all mean? And don't say whistlewright's a drunk... Everyone knows that already...

@elmussol well I can't answer this one. I thought I picked up the app somewhere else but maybe my memory is fuzzy.

@elmussol Nextcloud will be for work purposes if work picks back up. Trying to get the shop off of GDrive. The HZ or Zap storage option is too complex for my employer to use effectively.

Personal contacts and calendar will not (if I can help it) be online anywhere. Just as an example- you may not want Google to know that you and I know each other and it is not any of Facebook's business that I have scheduled a romantic weekend with The Mrs.

On the phone Brave Browser, with cookies & javascript disabled for giggles, can:

-be used as a file explorer
-play audio and visual files
-convert docs to pdf
-can view pictures

-have self-made contact app so no need for the stock one
-can and will make a gallery app no need for the stock one

-text editor
-VeraCrypt (EDS Lite)
-Mastodon app
-email app?

-a web browser has unlimited network access
-need to make playlists for the music or it plays one at a time

made. This is the png export. I am not impressed with the pdf or the svg exports at all.

Making some progress on my spec drawing. I hope this leads to some work for me.

Drawing a house plan today. This is a spec project. I hope that it will lead to some drafting jobs in the next couple of days.

Found one of these monsters in the tomato patch here at the homestead. To give some perspective, with the legs outspread it was about 3 1/2" to 4" round.

It was bigger in my mind and it is racked out of whack but that will be fixed when I put the outsides on

Ok, I lied. I said this project will be electric. I decided to go mostly non-electric

Three or four pallets dismantled. Might be enough here to build a couple of boxes.


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