One almost can't get business done anymore without a Facebook account. I may have to breakdown get one.

I think my authentication fight with Mastodon has to do with the fact that everything I am doing is on the local machine ... but it is giving me a headache right now

well I didn't think that would work and guess what, it didn't

hmm... Do I put the redirect provided by Mastodon in my app? That don't sound right....

Ok... so the Mastodon is telling me that the redirect uri is not valid but it is the one they gave me for local tests... that means... hang on it'll dawn on me here in a sec

I am WAAAAAAAAAYYYY off in the deep end of the pool right now. Trying to figure out how to authenticate with Mastodon using PassportJS

made. This is the png export. I am not impressed with the pdf or the svg exports at all.

Making some progress on my spec drawing. I hope this leads to some work for me.

Drawing a house plan today. This is a spec project. I hope that it will lead to some drafting jobs in the next couple of days.

Found one of these monsters in the tomato patch here at the homestead. To give some perspective, with the legs outspread it was about 3 1/2" to 4" round.

It was bigger in my mind and it is racked out of whack but that will be fixed when I put the outsides on

Ok, I lied. I said this project will be electric. I decided to go mostly non-electric

Three or four pallets dismantled. Might be enough here to build a couple of boxes.


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