Back in the 70s and 80s I thought disco sucked. But you know what, I was wrong. It *REALLY* sucks.

Putting anti-internet ranting on the internet is like having a "Ban the Auto!" bumper sticker on your Volkswagen Beetle.

A few years ago I showed The Boss how to get catalogs online and read them on his computer. Those companies still send him paper copies. I was thumbing through them looking for hand tools that I don't have in my shop. Boss told me that I can get them online. I said yes but I'm getting tired of looking at the world through a screen.

He looked somewhat baffled and nonplussed by that statement. Have we really slipped that far down the rabbit hole in just a few short years?

What's the difference between and ? Is one better than the other?

Does anyone use or is it another one of those good ideas that no one has heard of?

Finally got around to looking at a "loyalty reward" offer from my mobile provider. They will knock $300US off of some select phones when I upgrade. With the reward that is still $1400 more than I will EVER spend on a phone. I can buy a great computer for that kind of money!

Somebody has to be hitting their happy juice to spend that kind of money on a phone!

Found one of these monsters in the tomato patch here at the homestead. To give some perspective, with the legs outspread it was about 3 1/2" to 4" round.

It was bigger in my mind and it is racked out of whack but that will be fixed when I put the outsides on

Ok, I lied. I said this project will be electric. I decided to go mostly non-electric

Three or four pallets dismantled. Might be enough here to build a couple of boxes.


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