Two full nights and now the better part of 2 days and Transmission has made it all the way to 95.3% downloaded on the 88GB download of wikipedia. Really, it would have been way faster to download from the server.

In the severe freeze six weeks ago I thought my live oak tree died but she is making a huge and fast come back. My male pecan tree survived too but who cares as he doesn't produce pecans for me to snack on.

Probably can't tell much in the picture but we tilled up a 20' x 16' section of the yard and added 10 cubic feet of manure to it. It'll be for peas and green beans first. Not sure of current hashtags but there used to be one called and another and was there another

Oh, I remember looking at the Matrix client for emacs before. The install directions confused me. Not sure I'll mess with it either.

Well, sunuvagun. My is 26.1 and elpher (gopher and gemini client) wants 26.2. A point one difference?! Come on people.

hmmm... may have found a client for . Guess it is time to play a little

I am not too sure where the cool kids are hanging out these days so I got myself one of those matrix thingies just in case that is where they are. I believe is the address.

I may go ahead and get an XMPP address too. I am more familiar with XMPP but not sure if anyone uses it anymore.

XMPP might be better. I am not sure if I have ever used Matrix on .

My wife has lost a friend to COVID. She was 27.

A man who is a second father to me has been in hospital with it for 3 weeks and will probably be in for 2 more.

My brother-in-law,his wife, and son have it as a result of their daughter being stupid about it.

When will we learn that this isn't a political issue but a public health one?

Stay home if you feel poorly. Wear the mask people. It isn't a big deal. Wash up. We should be doing that anyway.

Let's grow the heck up and get through this!

Something is fundamentally wrong with the very concept of asking a free person to choose someone to rule over them

I would like a FOSS alternative to Google Fonts. Does anybody have a good one?

Refreshing my memory about keyboard shortcuts in Firefox and Chromium in preparation for some classes I am taking. Keyboard is faster than a mouse any day.

Hey there folks! How's it going this morning?

Does anyone have any music videos on or is it all still documentaries and game footage?

Getting my butt whupped by a Mahjong game.

A friend just told me that Back in Black was released on 25 July 1980.

That has to be a lie. That means it is 40 years old. There is no way that I am old enough to remember that.

one of these days I really need to get emms set up on

The Charles Roth (encyclomundi and/or parlementum) Memorial Library has been copied to my external drive

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