Something is fundamentally wrong with the very concept of asking a free person to choose someone to rule over them

I would like a FOSS alternative to Google Fonts. Does anybody have a good one?

Refreshing my memory about keyboard shortcuts in Firefox and Chromium in preparation for some classes I am taking. Keyboard is faster than a mouse any day.

Hey there folks! How's it going this morning?

Does anyone have any music videos on or is it all still documentaries and game footage?

Getting my butt whupped by a Mahjong game.

A friend just told me that Back in Black was released on 25 July 1980.

That has to be a lie. That means it is 40 years old. There is no way that I am old enough to remember that.

one of these days I really need to get emms set up on

The Charles Roth (encyclomundi and/or parlementum) Memorial Library has been copied to my external drive

Going to spend some time this morning moving files from various computers, flashdrives, online storage sites, etc to my external hard drive. Who needs the internet for everything under the sun?

been a while since I have played around in land. The only place I am familiar with for getting is jamendo. Where do you get yours?

So yesterday's oral surgery went well, I guess. The Dr removed a tooth and gutted me like a fish to remove a cyst. I hurt like heck today

After some talk about p2p systems last night I am playing around with my install. It has been over a year since I last looked at it. I remember just about squat about it

I need/want to figure out how to use org-capture. If I understand it correctly it might be a replacement for "cloud" based Pocket

another thing I can't figure out is why I got all wrapped up in "cloud" computing. Most all of the glorious "cloud" can be taken care of with , a couple of local apps and . You can keep your <expletive deleted> cloud.

Finally got a feed reader to load an opml file on this antique phone of mine!

The COVID-19 restriction have been eased a little so we get to bring Son#1 home for a few days! He is the handicapped one for those that don't know.

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