@h4890 yeah, FB kind of reminds of all these past-their-prime shopping malls in the 21st century, just hobbling along with terrible advertising/products and a generally unsavory crowd...

@gmcgath @billblake2018 perhaps a more objective question would be: what net value does the state bring to society? On one side of the coin, we have deaths at the hand of the state and the state’s financial cost to taxpayers. On the other, we have military defense and ‘services’ provided by the state to the citizen. How does that equation solve?

@billblake2018 sure, if we think scientifically we should be about DISproving hypotheses. Care to use historic evidence to disprove the idea that the state is more about power consolidation than providing “public good?”

Anybody know ways to find local businesses in the Boston area that are pro-liberty? Would love to support other freedom loving individuals in the belly of the beast (I know, I know, just move to NH, etc...)

@h4890 Thanks! I have a Facebook account that I maintain only to keep up with certain family and friends (photos, etc.). My profile is about as pared down as possible, though, and I don’t have the app installed on any of my devices.

@nygal great examples of the mental gymnastics people do to justify their participation in the two party political system. Red Team! Blue Team! Oppression!

Hi everyone! New to Liberdon, but I’m a longtime FTL listener and liberty lover! Deleted most of my traditional social media accounts last year and am pumped to finally be here!


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