Hi everyone! New to Liberdon, but I’m a longtime FTL listener and liberty lover! Deleted most of my traditional social media accounts last year and am pumped to finally be here!

@weirdscience Welcome! Out of curiousity, which traditional accounts did you keep and why?

@h4890 Thanks! I have a Facebook account that I maintain only to keep up with certain family and friends (photos, etc.). My profile is about as pared down as possible, though, and I don’t have the app installed on any of my devices.

@weirdscience Thank you!

Would be interesting to see the growth trend on FB for active, real accounts.

I have a feeling that once you start to remove accounts which are part of bot nets or marketing agencies, inactive accounts that are only used a few times per year, fake accounts etc.

They might actually be increasing.

I'm really hoping that the political polarization in the US is accelerating this trend as well.


@h4890 yeah, FB kind of reminds of all these past-their-prime shopping malls in the 21st century, just hobbling along with terrible advertising/products and a generally unsavory crowd...


Yes, but they prey on the naive and are artificially being kept alive by buying innovative small companies.

But hopefully the younger generation are leaving, and hopefully they have a non FB place to leave too, and of course the polarization will work against them too! =)

Hopefully there will be yet a third trend working against them. Maybe GDPR or something in Europe might slow them down or cause the to lose even more users. =)

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