Wow, this is the first time I see the cookie selection thingy implemented Right, and it's beautiful:

They pop up a dialog, and shade the rest of the window to focus the attention on the dialog. There are three options ("Accept all", "Accept first-party", "Reject all").

Yes, there's a "Reject all cookies" option!

None of the three are pre-selected or highlighted or anything like that, no dark patterns there.

This. Is. Beautiful.


I'd rather like to avoid making this decision every time I visit the site (w/o binding it to a session)

@v0v04ka "Reject all cookies" actually allows two cookies for "technical reasons": PHP session ID and a cookie that remembers if I've seen the dialog.

@v0v04ka BTW, if you don't mention me in the reply, I don't get a notification about it, and might miss it entirely if I don't catch up on my timeline that day. I'm not entirely sure what's the etiquette around this, but I only remove people when I think the conversation is no longer relevant to them (which is admittedly more of an art than science).

@minoru OK, sorry didn't know about it. I had not many conversations yet.

@v0v04ka No need to apologize, it's fine ;) I know you're new to Fediverse, thought I'd explain things a bit.

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