wow, the S04E02 of Rick and Morty is probably the worst thing I've seen all year
Thanks feminism.

>student of philosophy
>unironically supports communism
>works at the state owned newspapers
>last photos are of him demonstrating
>currently on a climate strike

I do love my countrymen.

I've just seen a guy with a Che Guevara face ...
This is why I don't go outside very often...

Next time someone tells you to splice a wire harness instead of making a new one just punch them.
I'm not even joking.
This is the kind of shit that happens when you follow swap guides from a website made back when HTML 2.0 was all hot and new.
ETA of this is like 2034 at best...

Goddamn it. I CAN'T stress this enough but ALWAYS double check any parts before you order them.
Now I have 10m of PTFE fuel lines and no damn AN fittings to go with them.
Seriously at this rate I'll finish that damn in 2030 or something. 🤬

I refuse to call the modern as they are everything but .
As I have no other way to describe these people (especially when playing the or card would be considered an over reaction) I have to continue branding them as since there MUST be a distinction between the heroes of the past who wanted people to be free and the raging idiots we have today.
Goddamn it I used to be called "liberal" and I have 0 in common with these savages.

Riddle me this. I was just at the gas station when a bloke came in with an empty rear tire. Their compressor was out of order so they tried to sell him a ridiculously overpriced portable one. At which point I offered my assistance, took my own little compressor and filled his rear tire.
Now did I do wrong by blocking the gas station from making or was I a good Samaritan? 🤔

Hi, @liberdon I have a quick question. Any idea why while I can reply to GAB users my replies won't show over there?
Is that an issue at their side or at this server side?
Thank you

Riddle me this.
Why is every single I know a or at least leans very, very, very to the side of the spectrum UNLESS they teach ?

reaches a historic -48 approval rating
And the party pushes for unlimited

Watching the latest from while reading the comments I find it saddening that the consensus seems to be "talking about stuff I don't like = BAD". I mean I find Errols idiocy amusing but I don't want to live in an echo chamber. It's a staple of good to present conflicting viewpoints. Same with the . Lots of nonsense but useful in seeing the bigger picture.
I've thought knows better.
Leave to the lefties.

I've been saying it for a long time. All you need is a skilled and a and you are good to go.
What a legend

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