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Welp, time to begin moving my tweets en-masse to here as a backup since Twitter is pretty sporadic with its moderation.

I am by no means an ancap, but I guess I can tolerate them over soccons/socdems/MLs.

why is it that white people online seem incapable of making reasonable takes on race

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Who is capitalism and what did they do to upset K-pop stans

doing mental gynmastics every time a hate crime is committed doesn't mean racism doesnt exist it just means you're a very fragile person

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@Joshua4Congress let’s assimilate workers with the interests of capital, brilliant idea

breadtube: theory is too inaccessible
also breadtube:

if illiterate people were the original monarchists

maybe e-monarchists are that way because they cant read

if you are actually able to place yourself on the political compass your opinions suck

being a high information voter is pointless if your "information" is just candidate gossip and memes

centrism is when the earth is both flat and round

"no dont you see mcgovern lost because the kids at the time were boomers, the bernie generation isnt boomers so itll be fine"

to everyone whose threatening "direct action":

what has your own direct action been so far?

using aufhebung to prove whether or not water is wet

localists be like
"the only problem with stalin was that there werent 300 regional versions of him"

further proving the horseshoe theory between MLs and narchos
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@NatalieRevolts Not all Anarchists are anti-DPRK. I'm a proud defender of the rights of Koreans to self-determination. It would go against my ethics and philosophical views to impose Anarchism onto people who have democratically decided to adopt a State-Socialist system. 🇰🇵✊ Long live the DPRK!

if the STV is true why is bitcoin worthless despite how much nerds value it

anyone who calls other leftists "comrade" in the year 2020 deserves to be HUAC'd

"oh man i love rosa shes a anarcho-demsoc hero"
"no you stoopid liberal she was obviously a leninist"

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