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Welp, time to begin moving my tweets en-masse to here as a backup since Twitter is pretty sporadic with its moderation.

I am by no means an ancap, but I guess I can tolerate them over soccons/socdems/MLs.

let the record show that deval patrick and mike bennet outlasted andrew yang

me before reading marx: the earth is 6000 years old
me after reading marx: the earth is dialectically 6000 years old

there are two kinds of people in this world
people who like atlas shrugged
and people who have read it

Fediverse Spotlight #3 is finally out, I apologize for the delay. This issue is on FediLab, an all-in-one mobile client for the fediverse.

anti-civ gang 🤝 calling people settlers 🤝 maoists

how to set off /pol/ in five words: "israel is our greatest ally"

if you had to vote for either peter coffin or sargon in a general election who would you vote for

to put it simply:
iowa is a coin toss between bernie and joe
and a dice roll for liz and pete

pete buttigieg was the worst thing to happen to liz since the DNA test

For fun I've decided to make a Condorcet poll for the GOP 2016 primaries; vote with the link below:

being endlessly ironic is getting boring

if you want actual takes from me I've moved to

john delaney is closer to winning the presidency than he is to matching tulsi's chances of winning the primary

if the election was held via twitter poll who would win

i was not expecting the meme of the night to be bloomberg fucking eating 11 batteries

Stefan Molyneux can't make money without YouTube: "What am I gonna go and get a job back in the corporate world? One search and it would be functionally impossible."

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