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Before Facebook, Twitter, and web forums, there was . Usenet was the original "social media." Because it was text based, it was fast, and best of all, it was decentralized and uncensored.

Usenet is still around, even if it's not as popular as it once was. offers free Usenet accounts (text only, no binaries). Thunderbird works splendidly as a newsreader.

When you open an account, make sure to post to the alt.current-events.epidemics group. I'm trying to revive it!

I agree with her that it’s child abuse.

"A school nurse in New Jersey who claimed masks were not effective in protecting against the coronavirus and suggested requiring children to wear them is inhumane has been suspended." Here's her video talking about her experience.

#walkaway #homeschool #unschool #privateschool

The 2yo death occurred in March, before children that young were being included in trials.

Children as young as 6 months old now in COVID-19 vaccine trials

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in . Only the degenerate can enter zoos, cinemas, theaters, restaurants, museums, swimming pools, gyms.
Typical People in have 0 dignity 0 God 0 care for freedom. 100% slaves.🤮

The logic is flawed. Some locations rejected lockdown. Where is the flu in those places?

Everything was redefined as COVID due to monetary incentives.

Flu Has Disappeared Worldwide during the COVID Pandemic

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When you're in a store and someone notices you aren't wearing a mask, and then you see them slip theirs off too..

stop frigging complaining about facebag and/or the birbsite censoring your posts or putting you in digital jail.

we know. we get it.

just gtfo of those damn platforms already.

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