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Girl on the plane has a mask that says "Epstein didn't kill himself". Never forghetti

Don't believe the hype: New Hampshire is freer than ever, and only strengthened this in the 2020 election. We can consider the Free State Project to be a resounding success at this point!

Today at 3pm EST/8pm UTC Kurt Wuckert Jr. rejoins the Digital Cash Rundown! Join the live crypto superchat via CoinTree

Thanks @DavidBond for the Bitcoin Cash donation, as well as the shoutout and CoinTree donation demonstration! Glad you liked the video.

I'm getting better engagement on my videos on Parler than Facebook. Not because I have a huge following there, but because Facebook severely throttles off-site content.

It's said that Bitcoin Cash will historically give its lead dev team the boot. Here's exactly why it turned out differently this time than every other time. We can learn a lot on how economic incentives are all that matter, and tribalist hyperbole doesn't.

Me over here in New Hampshire waiting for the fallout from Portland, Maine and Florida's minimum wage hikes.

I'm almost done with a video on why social media sucks, and there's a lot of crossover here. Don't stop watching Twetch. It may amount to nothing, but it also may change everything. It's a race to the top!

Now that etc. is a thing, who else is on Parler? Drop your username here if you actually want me to follow you (no hard feelies if not).

What a time to be alive. What a time to own a gun shop. 😅

One election just got done, but there's another one happening that I care more about. It will determine how the world's first decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) will decide to move forward and optimize. History in the making.

Really great and lengthy breakdown that gives me lots of excitement about the future of Dash. Stuff is going to start popping off over the next few months!

Today at 4pm EST/8pm UTC Bob Carroll, CTO of the Dash Core team, comes on the Dash Podcast to answer your development questions! Join the live crypto superchat to get your questions answered.

A great chat on personal privacy. I especially liked the part about Faraday bags and how they can help keep you from being tracked or hacked. Thanks again Colin!

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