This is pretty huge stuff! Not only can you buy stuff with Dash at major retailers around Venezuela, but they're starting to pay their employees in Dash as well. The growing circular crypto economy means more people escaping the fiat currency death spiral.

If you could work just a few hours a week at a job you hate and feed yourself on it, would anyone even care about UBI? Other than those who just don't want to work, that is.

Even worse, this poor allocation of resources will cause prices to go up, meaning the UBI won't be sufficient to live on, so it'll either become worthless or have to be raised again and again, bleeding more value.

Still getting caught up with messages of appreciation for my generous donors. Thanks for the Dash, Anonymous!

It's funny how mad Dogecoin makes fans of "serious" crypto projects. It's even funnier how mad some "Dogecoin Army" people get when you point out the coin is a joke and may crash. Everyone lighten up!

Watch this if you want to hear Spencer and I daydream about how everything will be DeFi in the future. The decentralized world is upon us!

Thanks for the Dash, Anonymous! I'm glad you enjoyed the Lightning network video with Max Hillebrand as much as I enjoyed making it!

Dogecoin is the real Bitcoin.

You may not want to hear it, but 95% of what most people want Bitcoin for, Doge is giving them more right now.

@Laconicif It has no development and no infrastructure, so the network can't support much activity.

Thanks Anonymous for watching the show with Mike Sennello, and for the Dash! It was a good time.

Did you know it costs 22 cents just to send Dogecoin right now? At a quarter of Bitcoin's transaction volume it's already starting to break down.

This Friday at 3pm EDT/7pm UTC Spencer Kuzara comes on the Digital Cash Rundown! Watch live on Odysee and YouTube, and join the live crypto superchat!

About to go live to talk about why and how you should start living on crypto and less on the dollar! Join in!

@h4890 haha what year is it! I do have an RSS feed for my podcast, just found one for my Medium account

@h4890 Haha nice! There will be a follow-up too. Did you read my Cointelegraph article as well?

This was a technical deep-dive on how modern user-friendly Bitcoin Lightning wallets work, what tradeoffs they currently make, and what needs to be fixed for them to be viable long-term. A must-watch if youre interested in the subject. Thanks Max for enlightening me!

First post on Medium! As someone who's lived unbanked off crypto for the past 5 years, I analyze why so few others live like me today. This is the first of a two-parter so don't miss the next one.

@h4890 I'll have to see if I know any, it's always much more difficult with kids.

@h4890 That is true as well. Crypto fans probably frequently have that in the backs of their minds.

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