@h4890 to be fair that is pretty cold, it rarely gets that cold here. One night many years ago it was -27 and I had to start my car to keep the battery from dying, but most of the winter it's above 0 during daylight

@billblake2018 Indeed, but that's exactly what happens in market discovery. We're figuring out what works and what doesn't.

@h4890 I think you can, but I'm not sure what i on there that I need to port over. Some old photos maybe.

@billblake2018 Interesting, I'll check it out. Some friends of mine are also working on a messenger using the Signal protocol but with a decentralized network instead.

@h4890 Yeah, my early years were Facebook heavy. It's about time for a good migration.

@billblake2018 Is there a compelling reason to use Session over something like Signal?

(3) I've been very polite on social media (don't even swear) and try to avoid hyperbole and outright controversy, but I won't censor facts or my commitment to living free and helping others to do the same. It's just a matter of time before I'm gone here. I'll be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and Discord until the end, but connect on other platforms before it's too late. Long live free speech and liberty! 🤘

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(2) I'm actually helping design a truly censorship-resistant network, but in the meantime I'm on just about every alternative out there. Please find me (either by my name or TheDesertLynx) on:
-Signal (603-502-3046)
-Mastodon (where you're reading this)
-Parler (if it ever comes back)

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(1) For the SECOND time in a week my Facebook account was locked due to "suspicious activity" because I liked a status by long-time friends. The first was a post on the Signal private messenger, and the second was predicting more US activity in Yemen. It's clear that centralized platforms are going for full-on censorship and narrative control.

@h4890 it's ok, they're all science projects at this point, the tech will live on

@h4890 This year, to avoid confusion with Zcash. It's probably the most advanced of the privacy projects, shame it's so far down the list.

Can you imagine being branded as "dangerous" if you use a platform that doesn't heavily censor? Just wait, they'll use what apps you use in order to cancel you in the future. Become uncancellable.

Seeing as how Bitcoin fees are too high for small payments, I made my donation address on my CoinTree go straight to a Lightning Network wallet. Try it out if you're generous! Or send something like Dash that was always fast and cheap.

Unfortunate. Firo is a good project, and actually have ChainLocks (the 51% attack prevention feature that Dash pioneered), but not deployed on the mainnet yet. 😬 Everyone take notice and fix your security before it's too late!

Everyday now when I see new people from all political affiliations freaking out at how messed up the system is. 😎

I've been in crypto about 7.5 years, and what a wild ride it's been. It's hard to believe Dash is already 7 and is still kicking stronger than ever. May have to make a video about "elder statesmen" cryptocurrencies.

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