Everyday now when I see new people from all political affiliations freaking out at how messed up the system is. 😎

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Just when I was doing great cutting back on drinking, this comes in the mail. 😁🥃

This comes RIGHT AFTER apps and infrastructure providers blocked the US opposition party en masse. The hypocrisy is astounding... but rest assured, foreign entities will be making similar posts to this about the US soon.

Please start paying attention to this stuff: a fully-decentralized digital network, born of open-source code, owns "real-world" property, including investments. Companies own Bitcoin: Dash owns companies.

Frozen lakes and winter woodland strolls. No, I'm not a masochist for living here.

Me when conservatives flip out over getting censored on social media

Those who view "centralized entities" and "government" as two mutually exclusive categories are in for a rude awakening starting today.

Spicy 🥵 Think about it though, who has adversely affected YOUR life the most?

This will ultimately happen to every one of your rights if you depend on someone else to secure them for you. Start looking into decentralized censorship-resistant (and encrypted!) platforms today.

Got coffee, pastry, and coffee beans with Dash. Blessed to be in one of the rare spots on the planet you can spend cryptocurrency in your daily life. Merry Christmas and Taxation Is Theft!

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I'm even more flabbergasted that people who understand that government isn't their friend still live largely the same, and in the same places, as those who don't.

The incomparable Mark Mason comes on the Dash Podcast today at 4pm EST/9pm UTC! Come watch live, and join the live crypto superchat!

Oh hey winter, there you are! I was beginning to think you weren't coming.

Apply this to almost anything: money, government, relationships, etc. Most people never get past the first step. Most idealists "grow up" and get stuck at the third.

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