Enjoy the crash, watch yesterday's show with Carlos! Especially the "will there ever be a bear market?" speculation. 🤔

Remember I talked about how you need to learn how to benefit from crypto even when number go down? Well, number went down. Now what?

Live in 2.5 hours, Carlos Cano joins the DIgital Cash Rundown! Watch live on Odysee and YouTube and join the live crypto superchat!

Guys, Brian Harrington is the real deal. We should have more people out there actually getting people many steps closer to ditching fiat entirely.

If you're REALLY paying close attention, it's hard to be completely dystopian for humanity right now.

If you're not actively taking steps to:
-Live on crypto
-Become self-employed
-Use censorship-resistant platforms
-Move to a free area

You aren't really serious about freedom. You can't do all of them, but you can do at least one!

Get ready for crypto projects that are all the rage to start going broke over the next few years' bear market. Not Dash though, it seems. Fingers crossed at least! 🤞

Today (Friday) at 4pm EST/9pm UTC Dash Core Group CFO Glenn Austin comes on the Dash Podcast! Watch live on Odysee and YouTube and join the live crypto superchat!

What if I told you that that the primary value of the Bitcoin Lightning Network is to get on-chain fees low enough to where everyone just uses that instead? And what if I told you that custodial solutions are doing a better job at this than Lightning? 🤔

Too many Californians seem intent on burning their beautiful state to the ground. Just get out.

You know when you'll know that crypto has gone mainstream? When a project's token prices actually go UP after hitting mainnet. Few.

Live in a little over two hours (3pm EST/8pm UTC), it's the Digital Cash Rundown with @scottcbusiness birthday edition! Watch live on Odysee and YouTube and show him some birthday love in the live crypto superchat!

If every January 6th as many people as showed up in DC decided instead to live unbanked off crypto, the government would topple much quicker.

A business I frequent STOPPED accepting banking services (PayPal, Venmo, etc.) and now is only cash and crypto (I've always paid them in Dash).

I keep telling you guys, my "living on crypto" thing won't be so weird in just a couple years. You'd better start listening. 😉

This Friday 1/7 at 3pm EST/8pm UTC @scottcbusiness comes on a special birthday edition of the Digital Cash Rundown! 🥳🎉 Don't miss it!

Thanks Vrijheid Radio for having me on the stream this week, you guys are always a load of fun!

Over 7% of new movers to New Hampshire are hardcore liberty loving activists! Which other place on the planet can say that? 🤯

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