Tired of everyone hating each other for belonging to different political cultures? Me too, but I think I found a way to make it partly better. Give this a try with people in your crazy community.

Just heard that a farm I buy pig from is paying a supplier with Dash, so when I buy my pork with Dash that same money is going to pay someone else. The crypto circular economy is happening!

Great and contrarian perspective from my buddy Kurt on the craziness of the Elon Dogefather times. Great proof-of-work and energy consumption exploration too.

Today at 3pm EDT/7pm UTC Kurt Wuckert Jr. comes back on the Digital Cash Rundown! Watch live on Odysee and YouTube and join the live crypto superchat!

Everyone's freaking out about Elon crashing crypto, but I think we need more of this sort of thing, not less. Consider it antibodies providing herd immunity. 😁

True, he loves playing really blatant manipulation games. He probably thinks it's funny, but lots of naïve people are going to be hurt by this.

I've heard some people say government is an extension of the people. It's not. I never bombed innocents in foreign countries. I never locked people up for hurting absolutely no one. I not only opposed these actions, I never agreed that whoever won an election would get to decide whether or not to do this. Stop using subjects to blame for the murderous actions of rulers.

New people who use Bitcoin for the first time definitely have some frustrations in how it works. Rather than "how", I'd like to take the time to answer "why". Enjoy!

You know what's going to be sad? I'm going to do some cryptocurrency videos asking a simple question: "What can I do with it?" Then I'll follow up and try to do said thing. How many do you think will have zero functional product? 😬

Some good stuff in here, including a surprising (for me at least) update on the Dash username wallet that everyone's been waiting on for so many years.

Great show yesterday, especially about how gaming-related micropayments can be a catalyst for crypto adoption. Thanks Ben!

Today at 3pm EDT/7pm UTC Ben Nitschke comes on the Digital Cash Rundown! Watch live on Odysee and YouTube and join the live crypto superchat!

Today at 4pm EDT/8pm UTC, Brian Foster, Product Owner for Dash Core Group, comes on the Dash Podcast! Watch live on Odysee and YouTube and join the live crypto superchat!

The whole premise behind modern Bitcoin's structure is that you should be able to run your own node. Well, I break down what that's actually like with the Lightning Network. Worth your watch IMHO.

At this point, aren't masks basically the leftist hijab?🤔

Texas Senate passed constitutional carry. Which "the radical right-wing fortress of Vermont" already had. You might think of Texas as some wild, free, "yeehaw" state, but it has lagged significantly in gun rights of all areas. Maybe they're reforming out of pure embarrassment. Good on them either way.

Compare it to Dash, which has very similar transaction volumes, but the fees stay well below a penny during spikes.

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