Really sucks how many lives have been destroyed this last cycle. 😟

Keep your coins off exchanges unless you're ready to lose them!

What if the real slippery slope is banning innocuous things you think are a slippery slope to terrible things?

This is exactly the stuff that got me excited about NFTs from a purely utilitarian perspective, and I'm excited to start playing with updating mutable data on my own soon.

Never thought living on crypto would mean helping Walmart pinpoint exactly which version of their app broke the camera function for my specific phone model before I can go get gas.

If crypto influencers talk more about the fiat price of Bitcoin than the tech or the real usage, they're actually about accumulating more fiat.

The entire libertarian ethos in one story:
-Wants to do something the "government" won't allow
-Doesn't demand the system change for him
-Builds his own stuff without permission or subsidies
-Wants to be left alone
-Isn't hurting anyone
-Lives in New Hampshire

Bias is one thing. But when someone won't engage in good faith with political opponents, you can't trust a single word they say.

The "othering" of people has made this significantly more common. Sad to see!

The idea that if you don't want to pay taxes or be part of a country it's okay to use military-grade weapons against law enforcement is the entire reason that America exists.

Somehow this is controversial today.

Happy Boogaloo Day you savages! 🦅🇺🇸

This is something gold can't help with. This is why I live on crypto.

I'm sorry, I thought this was 'Merica

I may have been mistaken

Stop trying to cancel comedians. We have too many of them already, you're making the profession seem more badass than it actually is.

People have their entire life's savings in the custody of institutions who play the exact games that Voyager etc. did and somehow aren't freaking out. 😱

Get your money out of fiat and banks while you can! And get your crypto off exchanges!

The free market is full of liars, scammers, and thieves.

With government it's the same except you can't just ignore them or you go to prison.

Hey crypto friends, what's the least sketchy "crypto bank" for US-based users? Was looking at using Coinbase but after they sold data to ICE I thought I'd better explore other options.

Less than two months ago I said the Bitcoin Cash community ignoring THORChain in favor of SmartBCH was a tactical mistake. Since then CoinFlex has basically imploded and people essentially have their SmartBCH funds frozen.

Hopefully I got some people to look into THORChain in time! 😯

Imagine it's 2022 and you're still fighting about what's "the real Bitcoin" 😬

It's like Betamax vs. VCR. Betamax lost and now everyone uses VCR today, get over it.

If every US state enacted an education savings account program like Arizona recently did, we could save hundreds of billions of dollars (no joke) and get significantly better education for our kids. And maybe even get rid of school shootings.

Why don't we do this?

When everyone's getting rugged right and left in DeFi collapses, remember you can still mine and stake without risking losing all your money.

Yes, the token value can go down, but you still control your tokens.

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