This is the key secret to why some Lightning wallets actually work pretty well: they have sort of bank-like services facilitating a bunch of functionality. It's really halfway between a regular light wallet and a bank. Still an improvement.

Yes, the vast majority of them will die out as successful market leaders emerge, same as any business. But even in apples-to-apples some competitors will exist and thrive in parallel. For example, we may see two or three global digital cash competitors used.

Ultimately, it's a multi-chain world, and that means we need interoperability. Seamlessly, trustlessly bouncing between several different chains will be crucial. That's why projects like THORChain are so important.

Happy Sunday. 🍻

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The crypto world isn't going to just be about Bitcoin or Ethereum. It's going to be very diverse and multi-chain. This isn't just about making new money. It's about rebirthing the entire tech infrastructure in a more decentralized, efficient, transparent way.

Look at the top few hundred "coins" on CoinGecko. This isn't an ordering of most- to least-valuable Bitcoin clones. It's a diverse collection of currencies, data platforms, tokens, trading tools, content protocols, etc. One won't rule.

When I say Bitcoiners have lost the plot, this is what I mean: celebrating 1.1 million Salvadorans using a government-issued custodial KYC app. That's probably worse than the bank you use right now.

Today at 3pm EDT/7pm UTC Eléonore Blanc comes on the Digital Cash Rundown! Watch live on Odysee and YouTube and join the live crypto superchat!

Humans have this natural impulse to attack public figures and successful people in general. It's almost as if they want to make sure their idols are strong enough to be worthy of their admiration.

What if long haul COVID is just an expression for life is never going back to normal?

Age isn't just a mindset, but a big part of it is. The older I get, the less inclined I naturally am to care, embrace new things, pursue things with excitement.

Good thing I can catch myself "thinking old" and revert to a young mindset. This muscle atrophies if I don't.

When even Sarah Silverman is advocating for independence, you know there's a good chance it happens in our lifetime. Nothing would be better! Imagine how much freer free places like New Hampshire would be able to be!

The El Salvador thing was a bumpy prelude. THIS is the real deal. This is the sort of thing that should be copied, and will lead to actual competition between jurisdictions. Soon restrictive countries won't be able to compete!

Really grateful for this message from my anonymous friend. A lot of content creation feels like screaming into the void. Learning it has helped someone makes me so happy!

The same spirit that drove me head-first into crypto 8 years ago is what we all need today. You don't get the government's boot off your neck by asking nicely. You do it by making them irrelevant.

Litecoin went nuts today because someone shared fake news that it would be accepted at Walmart. 🤣

Meanwhile I spend crypto (Dash) at Walmart all the time thanks to Bitrefill, and I save 1%.

One of the unsung heroes of crypto mass adoption Marshall Greenwald shares quite a bit of knowledge in this one. Really fascinating stuff!

Today at 3pm EDT/7pm UTC Spencer Kuzara comes on the Digital Cash Rundown! Watch live on Odysee and YouTube and join the live crypto superchat!

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