If you ever wanted to let people pay you in crypto to leave messages while you're livestreaming, now you can! Thanks Naomi Brockwell and BitcoinJake09 for making this possible.

Please vote in this poll if you watch my stuff want honestly want to watch the new show live on a regular basis, or comment here what time you'd watch a live show on Friday.

New live show, launching at 12pm EDT/4pm UTC! Watch the first episode of the Digital Cash Rundown with special guest Kurt Wuckert Jr. and leave a live superchat message with crypto via CoinTree!

Bitcoin Cash is like a couple that's been together for months where one person wants to say they're "officially dating" while the other is still in denial. 😆 Denial of a governance mechanism isn't a governance mechanism.

Crypto is largely a plaything of the rich at the moment, but there are untold billions dying to use it to improve their lives as soon as it becomes usable and cheap.

Whatever you think about the credibility of the defector's claims, social media policing truth is a bad precedent that has already sent droves to alt platforms.

Mad Max: Fury Road and Blade Runner 2049 were not only two of the best movies of all time, but arguably each better than their respective originals. Change my mind.

When does this twitter censorship end? If you show REAL evidence that something is NOT what the goonerment goonsquad want you to think Twitter and Facebook will shut you down...


So Facebook and Twitter keep agenda-pushing social justice, climate change, and voting drives on me. Parler keeps pushing Trump stuff on me. What if I want to make up my own mind on the content I want to see on social media....? 🤔🤷‍♂️

Talked with crypto privacy wizard Reuben Yap about the different approaches to keeping transactions private (and of course Zcoin's Lelantus). Must watch if this is an area that fascinates you.

Naomi Brockwell is one of the best educators in the crypto and privacy space, both in terms of presentation and quality of content/research. You're doing yourself a disservice if you don't follow her work.

Venezuelans are suffering from a plummeting currency, but US sanctions are helping cut off their lifeline to a cryptocurrency alternative. Build stuff that can't be shut down. People's lives depend on it.

Marx probably did know. That's why he never could do it. Entrepreneurs are goddamn heroes, and anyone who disrespects them doesn't know what it's like to claw something beautiful out of nothing and keep it alive.

If you haven't followed the audio-only podcast, please go do so now and leave a rating on whichever platform you use. A new show is also launching this week, so don't miss that!

My Twitter account was briefly suspended because of a single tweet TWO YEARS AGO letting people know they could go to a bar to watch a UFC fight and pay with crypto through Bitrefill. Decentralized social media now, please?

Do you think all the looting and rioting will cause the people to take a hard second look at how the authorities fail at pubic safety? I think so.

Great chat with Robin from Uphold about the ins and outs (and challenges) of acting as the go-between from crypto to fiat and other assets. Also the debut of live crypto superchats!

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