Another great story, like many more, of a crypto OG slowly slipping away from Bitcoin because of its unresolved scaling issues. Great chat Eric!

If you really want to know why censorship resistance matters to your money, and whether or not YOU can be censored, then watch this. Might be surprised.

Today Eric Olson joins the Dash Podcast, at 4pm EST/9pm UTC! Watch live and join the live crypto superchat!

Maximalism: Being so insecure that you can't believe any meaningful innovation/anything awesome can come from somewhere other than from your favorite project. Can apply to religion, sports, anything. What a sad and limiting existence. 😑

He's so close, still hung up on it needing to tie back to a physical utility. Gold isn't "backed by" anything, but it provides some utility. Now what if a crypto also gets you a decentralized digital identity.... 😎

Rather than argue, try the Socratic Method (tl;dr ask a bunch of questions). Not only do most people's arguments fall apart a few questions deep, but if they don't, you may end up agreeing with them or at least learning something. 💡

If you ever wanted to get started building decentralized applications around decentralized digital identities and power the free future, and get paid for it, this is how to do it. 🚀

I had waaaaaaaaaaay too much fun doing this one. 🙃 If you talk decentralization and cypherpunks but don't use it, you're probably a phony. Get those laser eyes out of here ya poser!

I'm an avid yet clumsy sailor who always takes his electronics with him.

Anecdote #4,587 of why Maine drivers are the worst: two cars stopped at a green light. They were moving, then stopped at the green light. Neither turned, they eventually figured it out and kept going. 🤦‍♂️

Should I make my every-other-week show weekly? More often than that? Less often? Vote in the poll, or if you aren't on Twitter, just tell me here.

I didn't plan on dropping the bomb about Binance's shady Dash staking program, but hey, you heard it here first. All in all a great discussion, thanks Spencer!

Honored to make Able Ebenezer Beer's first ever in-person purchase with cryptocurrency!

Can I explain fundamental cryptocurrency concepts WITHOUT making airplane noises like I'm feeding a baby? ✈️Apparently not. 😅 Still, watch, it's a surprisingly simple deep-dive.

The Digital Cash Rundown with Spencer Kuzara goes live at 3pm EST/8pm UTC, watch live and join the live crypto superchat!

When you don't care about scaling because "number go up", but it gets so bad exchanges won't give you your money, hasn't "number" gone effectively to 0 for you? Think about it... 🤔

Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. At least people own Bitcoin to hold and do nothing with them, fewer people use Ethereum for that. Adapt or die. The market cares little for hand-wavy excuses.

I say this sincerely: the human-readable username systems on Bitcoin SV, thanks to HandCash and PayMail, are a step ahead of anything else in crypto currently on mainnet.

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