Yet another top exchange where you can deposit funds and start trading in a matter of seconds. How long before the majority of crypto users gets tired of waiting for confirmations to do stuff?

The entire reason I stopped activism and focused on crypto full-time was that the tools for organizing weren't developed yet. They still aren't, but are getting closer. Anyone want to take a stab at making this? You'll change the world.

Dear God please let us WFH indefinitely. 🙏 I would be sooooo happy. 😁

The technology of freedom in the past was constitutionally-limited government. Fantastic while it lasted. Time to upgrade the technology to something decentralized, immutable, and opt-in.

Here's the abbreviated free interview I did with Rob Viglione of Horizen on Zendoo, the first decentralized sidechain platform. This could be revolutionary stuff. Share away, everyone!

If your life hasn't been personally impacted negatively by the crazy mess that is 2020, isn't it just an entertaining absurdist comedy?

This podcast with Lawrence, one of the few crypto-forward business owners (who pays some suppliers with it too), was really great. Did you know you can buy anything with crypto thanks to ShopInBit's concierge service? 🤯

That's exactly it. That's why there's little reasonable discussion, humble petitions to live more health-consciously, or calm education. Mostly shrill insults and calls for violence.

Last week's podcast was great. Channeling the Grand Torino grump! Also we have some dirt on Parler in case you joined there with the whole thing.

First step was decentralized money.

Next step is decentralized monetized content platforms.

Decentralized monetized ORGANIZING platforms, now that's where we turn the world on its head. 👊🔥

Best crypto bill pay solutions? I'm trying to gather every known solution because this is such a tricky and underdeveloped area of the market. Any personal experience with a service is appreciated! 🙏

Really fascinating talk with Rob Viglione on Horizen's new sidechain platform, the future of privacy, and if lower market cap coins can ever really come from behind to become successful. Paid LBRY exclusive, shorter free version later this week.

I wrote this for those who may have given up hope, or fail to see the point in trying in life. When you grasp just how brief life is in the grand scheme of things, you can figure out how to last forever.

Just a short 244 years ago, a bunch of secessionists declared that taxation is theft, started a boogaloo, and yeeted some statists. The boog is the reason for the season. Happy 4th!

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