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Everyone who's upset with Pelosi's childish tearing up of Trump's speech and is lecturing about dignity and decorum is just as loudly condemning Trump refusal to shake her hand, yes?

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It shouldn't matter what people think. Adults own their bodies and should be able to engage in consensual sex for money. reason.com/2020/02/06/what-ame

This whole impeachment thang was an expensive reality TV stunt.

It's strange psychology wanting to relive the trauma of the 2016 election by means of a failed coup.

Maybe next time 😂

Gonna try to make this account my main squeeze.

I live and breathe sarcasm, love all things cute, creepy or both; ardent photographer, amateur archer, bad stoic, conservative hedonist, and stanch anarchist.

What's good Liberdon?

This is a picture of my cat looking sharp for Oxford or something, idk. Maybe it's pre-diabetes.


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