Just walking around. It this place still alive?

Social media companies often block content and suspend accounts in arbitrary and ridiculous ways, and they deserve protests and boycotts when they do.

Social media companies have a right to set their own standards. They should be answered by personal choices, not governmental force.

Even some libertarians have trouble these days remembering that both of these are true.

If someone is interested in democracy in eurosoyuz, europarliament in Czech republic pays campaign in which actors tell eurosceptics that they shouldn't even go to vote.

Practice little acts of disobedience, such as crossing at a "Don't Walk" light (after making sure it's safe!), just to keep obedience reflexes from setting in.

Stop exhaling, you uneducated climabigots! Greta needs us to stop the !

@liberdon Please fix the federation. We're totally isolated here.

Aaaand we're there! Thanks to all the eurocommunists for successfully bringing us there 🎉

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Ok so @[email protected] loves the idea of integrating Bitcoin LN tips on birdsite. When on Mastodon, @Mastodon?

Some of the disagreements between libertarians and others are based on misconception that you have the right to live. You don't. You have the right not to be killed, and there's a huge difference.

Happy birthday, you fucking beautiful protocol, you'll always have a place in my heart.

I've reached the conclusion that bad as Trumpism is, progressivism is worse, and we'd have been worse off with Clinton in the White House. Trumpism has no future beyond Trump; it's a personality cult without even the semblance of an organized set of ideas. Progressivism is consistently hostile to a broad range of fundamental liberties.

The clincher was the left's current war mania.

WE DID IT! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Thank you to everyone who stood up for privacy and freedom online and helped us reach our goal today.

We will release our surprise tomorrow 💜💚 #OnionTravels

Six impossible things to believe before breakfast:

Having the government control your life will make you happier.

Beating up people with violent ideas will show them the error of their ways.

The Republicans are telling the truth.

The Democrats are telling the truth.

The police are your friends and will protect you.

The reason we have so much freedom is that we're at war everywhere.

The European Commission promotes this 'Consultation on the future of Europe' on birdsite.

Try it. Just try it and then it'd be clear why @pperrin and his gang were right to vote leave.

This orwellian survey literally does not allow to disagree with the current EU agenda.


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