Thanks for the auto greeting! I did read the FAQ. Dont roll your eyes to much, but I'm not going to ever own any crypto currency. Would like to donate, but can only do so with $ . ( As a staunch Objectivist, I still have hope for the $) . Is this possible?

Still learning how this app works, bear with me, if I accidentally unfollow you its just my learning curve.

2nd post using Mastalab app for Android. Tomorrow: crash course in Mastodon, then will attempt to get all my Libertarian contacts on this platform.

First post! Will continue to advocate for Liberty and Reason and the Right to Bear Arms on Twitter, but if they boot me, I'll always be here!


Liberdon is a Mastodon instance for libertarians, ancaps, anarchists, voluntaryists, agorists, etc to sound off without fear of reprisal from jack or zuck. It was created in the wake of the Great Twitter Cullings of 2018, when a number of prominent libertarian accounts were suspended or banned.