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Yes, it is easy to forget that if you are on liberdon you are part of a minority inside a minority so your tastes, ideas, concerns etc. has very little or no connection with the tastes, ideas and concern ofthe mainstream.

I'm sure you tried to discuss politics and no one was interested in your questions being too busy to be afraid of the latest government manufactured scare.

It is a bit depressing, but I guess life cannot always be 100% pure joy. ;)

I was cleaning my car today. And it was perhaps the most relaxing thing I ever did 😀

Poor bureaucrats.
Thinking that banning a website will prevent me from accessing it :')

On Linux machines, this command will print all the processes for your user and it will arrange them according to which is a child of another:
ps f

I did not tweet anything for a week now. I don’t even open the app. At some point it became toxic piece of shit to me. I think that's the key for better mental health - stay away from the news.

I was working all day today. I did not have time to check news. And it was one of the best days I had in past month.

"right-wing," "left-wing," they're both absolutely empty, meaningless terms today.

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And their so called "right-wing" electorate is like: yes, this is very special situation due to recordeous inflation so they have to act. Pardon me? All this "right-wing" crap is just a camouflage to make them feel better. In fact, all of them are just socialists.

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This is so much fun. So called "right-wing" government in this country will "give" for each children ~ $200 to families with net income < $42 800 / year. And they will do so right before the election. Fucking pigs 😂


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