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Del Bigtree- The Highwire- Senator Ron Johnson and The Vaccine Injured

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👁️ 👂 💉 REPORT:💉 👂 👁️
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Big Pharma forced the World's Governments to sign SECRET AGREEMENTS. - Prohibited from sharing details with the public. -
Romanian MEP Cristian Terhes

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write this at every wall !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Question - Can We Do Anything About Our Immune System So That It Surpasses a Vaccine?
If we can, then that negates Fauci, Brix, CDC, WHO, and WEC policies and their CONSTANT fear-mongering doesn't it? Read on...

This is a TX Senate hearing on Senate Bill 1669, authored by TX Senator Bob Hall

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Last night a message reached me that the so-called POLICE in Erlangen-Eltersdorf with heavily armed forces stormed an old mill where 15 children were being taught "illegally" according to the inflammatory press. What is possible in almost every country in the world without any problems, namely home schooling and self-organized teaching, is prevented in the FRG with machine guns. This is exactly this fascism and totalitarianism, which has been showing itself more and more unflatteringly every day for the last 2 years. The worst thing about it is that there were supposedly indications from the population. Denunciation has always been a special characteristic of the Germans, in the 3rd Reich, in the GDR, and again today. I cannot express in words how much I despise these lowly creatures. They and all the cowardly fellow travelers were the ones who made the dictatorships and their crimes possible in the first place. And they are again today. There parents organize to teach their children peacefully and mask and test coercion, to make up for the failures of 2 years of the most idiotic coercive measures, and then the mercenaries of the FRG regime strike. They will all have to answer for it, especially the principals. Please spread this message widely, so that everyone can see in what inhuman system we live.

Here is the message:

"Dear Dirk, maybe you or another big channel can publish it? PLEASE. I am so stunned and afraid they will be at my door tomorrow 😞.

this is how the local newspaper describes it:

Below descriptions of those present, one I know personally, it really happened like this.

[Redirected from ...]

Yes, our own children and we adult women were assaulted, held down, the children traumatized and the women criminally interrogated for over an hour. 30 USK ler have broken into the mill and taken everything. At my home and here. Money, computer, cell phones simply everything! Reason suspicion of a misdemeanor!

They have driven the children 4-14 year old fully hooded with machine guns around and separated from the adults. Questioned and thereby threatened, if they do not cooperate they come into the juvenile home!

With a ram in the storm 30 with helmets masked machine gun armed men!

[Redirected from ...]

Please spread this information, the newspapers will not do it!

Yesterday, the 20.1.22 our king mill, with Erlangen/Eltersdorf, was stormed by approx. 30-35 policemen and USK, armed with machine guns, batons and full Montur, with Rammbock. This happened with the assumption there was an "illegal school" and the suspicion that there could logically also be children present. On that day there were 15 children aged 4-14 years and 3 women in the property. The children were immediately separated from the adults present. Using machine guns, the children were questioned, filmed, and not allowed to eat or go to the bathroom. They were only allowed to go to the toilet in the presence of a police officer. It is no longer possible to speak of proportionality here and it is time to make this public. It cannot be that children, women, PEOPLE, are treated in such a way.

We ask you to publish this."

Dietrich, Dirk

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Bloodline #Mückstein and #Lauterbach #GESTAPO criminal secretaries?❓❓❓

Source: Documentation Center of the Austrian Resistance: >> Document <<

⚠️ Greek newspaper looks at mandatory vaccination in #Austria and already openly draws Nazi parallels: " Article "

⚠️ Croatian president publicly calls Austria's Corona policy FASCISM: " Report "

⚠️ Jewish publicist, Henryk Broder: "If you wonder how it could happen then - because they were then like you are now" " here "

⚠️ Jewish senior prosecutor (ret.) Daniel Trappe: I stand here as a Jew, as the son of an Ausschwitz survivor. I don't want to draw a parallel. At the end of the 1920s, there was a slogan in Germany "The Jews are to blame for everything." Now the unvaccinated are the scapegoats..." 👉" Video "
21 Jan. 2022

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Legal clarification for the company POLICE.

Print it out and distribute this during your walks , to the company POLICE !
With this right clarification, they act then intentionally and criminally prosecutable!

Be self-confident , because you are the bearers of all rights ( § 1 Civil Code ) The measures have never acquired legal force ( see Art. 82 GG and IfSG in the Federal Law Gazette...!!!🧐

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Am 26.01. ist die Bundestagsdebatte zur Impfpflicht

(13:00 Uhr Demobeginn)

Zeigen wir denen, was wir davon halten 💪🕊️

2:02 PM · Jan 23, 2022

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"law" - no reason to panic! - - People Freedom Basic Rights
(Please share to prevent unfounded fear) Dr. RA em The compulsory vaccination in the present form is neither medically necessary nor legally permissible.

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Sixteen-year-old gets vaccinated against Covid because she wants to be free and dies a few days later. Now the mother goes public in a moving interview and warns other parents urgently against the vaccination.

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They lied about the trials
They lied about PCR tests
They lied about mandates
They lied about lockdowns
They lied about the lab leak
They lied about face masks
They lied about FDA approval
They lied about vaccine safety
They lied about the case count
They lied about the death count
They lied about gain of function
They lied about vaccine efficacy
They lied about it being a vaccine
They lied about asymptomatic spread
They lied about prophylactic treatment
They lied.

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Daily reminder that two thirds of humanity would willingly murder another person simply because it was demanded of them by someone in a position of "authority".

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25 year old woman, 3rd jab (Pfizer) 7 Dec, ill since then, died one month later 7 Jan.

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Mutter der toten Cheyenne (15) berichtet: „Ich war da voll im Vertrauen mit der Regierung. Sie wollte frei sein.“

Bereits im November haben wir über die 15 jährige Cheyenne berichtet, die nach ihrer Impfung mit BioNTech-Pfizer verstarb. Bei OVALmedia berichtet nun die Mutter von Cheyenne über die letzten Tage in ihrem Leben. Ein Bericht, der einem das Blut in den Adern gefrieren lässt.

#Impfuing #Nebenwirkung #Reisefreiheit #Denkeselbst

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Gespräch mit Impfgegnern in Augustdorf - Schwerer Verlauf Corona

Vom Titel her, sollte das Video wahrscheinlich in eine andere Richtung zielen, aber die Interviewten sind gut informiert und ich glaube der Interviewer hat auch etwas gelernt.

#PanikBeenden #Selbstdenken
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Leiter Forensischer Klinik Dr. Christian Schlögl veröffentlicht Namen von ungeimpften Patienten

In einem Dokument, welches dem Corona-Ausschuss vorliegt schreibt Dr. Christan Schlögl:

„Konsequenzen bei versehentlicher Gewaltanwendung sind nicht zu befürchten“

(Bei Min. 04:20 am Anfang der Sitzung)

#PanikBeenden #Selbstdenken
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