Money debasement and subsequent inflation creates an environment where a worker must receive a raise to "make the same amount". Because a raise is an action that must be acted on by the employer that benefits the employee there is little incentive to act on it until the employee forces the issue.

The rate of disparity of wage value vs labour value is almost exactly proportional to inflation.

Minimum wage laws are either unnecessary or hurt the economy. They never add positive value.


They are 2 parts chestnut flour and 1 part starch. I used arrowroot and tapioca, but it can be substituted. I could try cattail starch next time!

Add a little salt and slowly add water until it's very thin - just past pancake batter consistency.

Then pour as thin a layer as you can into a flat bottom pan and steam by putting the pan on boiling water with lid on top. Each batch only takes a few minutes to cook.

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Chestnut noodles!

I've been wanting to try this original idea for more than a year. It took a lot of preparation but paid off.

These were made from Italian chestnuts and prepared and cooked like Thai rice noodles. The final dish is a spicy soy sauce with leek and baby bok choy topped with pork chop.

The purpose was to find ways to use American chestnuts as a staple food. While I can improve on this a lot it was a huge success! Now just need to wait a few years for my trees to start producing!


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