Without diminish private pilot training, I find that too little is invested in emergency management.

In over 90% of all cases of around 1600 aircraft crashes per year that occur during flights by private pilots in the USA, the crash would not be fatal if the pilots had not lost control beforehand.

Much video recordings from cockpits bear witness to how pilots cause a stall themselves, e.g. in the event of engine failure, through nonsensical reactions, and thus crash uncontrollably.

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As the video shows, it makes perfect sense, as it saves lives, to equip small aircraft with their own parachute.

This is especially true for small aircraft used by private pilots!

The pilot would not have survived the crash without the parachute, because as could be determined, he himself suffered a panic attack during the flight after the engine failed and became incapable of reacting in a coordinated and meaningful way.

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Scheinbar machen sich in Deutschland die ersten Nebenwirkungen der "Jabs" auch im Alltagsverhalten bemerkbar 😳

It was clear from the beginning that the injections declared as vaccination are a kind of gene therapy that can destroy the human immune system, kill people and generally change human DNA.

These pigs ALL knew from the beginning what damage they would do to those who received or will receive these injections!

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