@freetalklive @LRN_FM Deutch Bank suggests the end of currency and transition to crypto by 2030

Got a mailing from Americans United for Separation of Church and State with a survey question on the envelope: "Religion should not be used to discriminate against others." Choices: Yes, No, Not sure. The correct answer, "Depends on context," wasn't offered. (For instance, the Catholic Church properly considers only Catholics for clergy positions.)

SpaceX’s next launch, set for Sunday from California’s Central Coast, will signify a new advance the company’s program to recover and reuse rockets. It’s the first time SpaceX will fly the same first stage booster for a third launch. Full story: spaceflightnow.com/2018/12/01/ twitter.com/SpaceflightNow/sta

"Convincing a Linux guy to use FreeBSD" - Lunduke Hour - Feb 9, 2017 youtu.be/cofKxtIO3Is via @[email protected]


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