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It would be better to just buy doses for countries that can't afford them. We want there to be big profit incentives to create vaccines. That's one way the American system excelled in this pandemic. Yes, let's help others, but not by jeopardizing future innovation. twitter.com/GlobalJusticeUK/st

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Chopin is all over classic cartoons. Woody Woodpecker devoted an entire Oscar-nominated cartoon to his works. And who can forget Tom gliding in the air with makeshift wings to "Grande Valse Brillante?" A small sample:

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[email protected] is a torture apologist and drone-strike bullyboy who lied abt @CIA agents spying on the US Senate Intel committee when it was investigating the agency for torture. Why is he on TV at all, especially. @MSNBC? twitter.com/DailyCaller/status

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Yes, this can be challenging the first time you do it, but:

1. I think everyone has a civic duty to understand the tax code
2. Unless your tax situation changed radically from last year, you can easily use last year's forms as a cheat sheet

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@EricHBernstein @Brian_Riedl It's hard to look at the nation's $700+ billion in public education dollars, $1.5 Trillion in public health dollars, or $900 billion in means-tested benefits, or the $1.1T in non-means tested transfers and say "gee, that money is well spent"

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Psssst the only way to ensure freedom & civil liberties for you & your friends is to care about freedom & civil liberties for everyone

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I try hard to engage politely and respectfully with everyone, and while imperfect, I think I'm well above average for Twitter. @chrislhayes has complimented me for this trait before, but I don't think he would describe me as "woke" or "pc". Right?

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3/ I think the fact that you cannot point out someone is twisting someone else's argument without being seen as 'defending' that person can partly why journalistic rigor is nosediving at the moment, including in the New York Times.

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I'm looking at the list of things that Facebook says it will take down as "misinformation" and is this retroactive? They'd then have to take down most of public health advice, including from the CDC and the WHO and major newspapers, from the first six months of the pandemic. twitter.com/MikeIsaac/status/1

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“The Washington Free Beacon asked Hannah-Jones whether intent made a difference in her case. She responded by posting this reporter’s inquiry, including his cell phone number, on Twitter...” freebeacon.com/issues/inside-t

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@PolitiFact It's really hard to convince Trump supporters that the things they've been told are lies when the supposed "fact checkers" lie as well.

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People are shocked that the CDC reacted incompetently to the COVID outbreak as if the agency hadn't spent half of 2019 unable to figure out that it was black market cannabis products, not the commercial e-cigs already in use for a decade, that were damaging people's lungs. twitter.com/Reuters/status/135

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"Revising" an 18-month old article, after the subject of the article gains power, seems like an odd thing for a newspaper to do. reason.com/2021/01/22/the-wash

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I’ll be honest. I’m a little surprised that this passed anyone’s sniff test.

A new admin claiming that their predecessor (& opponent) did “nothing” despite administering the *same number of vaccines per day* that the new one is setting as a TARGET?

Doesn’t that seem ridiculous?

“As you know, we’ve inherited quite a budget crunch from President Trump.”

- "Bart to the future" BABF13


Govts cant regulate BTC like fiat (force creation of 1 million new BTC to spend on pet projects) but they can make life difficult for BTC users.

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@jaketapper Is is awkward that on the day you posted this that your network AGAIN posted faulty reporting that is falling apart by the hour?

I am warning people to be careful what they post this week....are you?

Virginia is not doing well in its vaccation campaign. Only 2.2% vaccinated so far, and just now starting to vaccinate elderly. Ranking 40th of the states.



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