It seems like some people think that all activities between people or between people and corporations, must be regulated by the government. Those people are idiots. Don't listen to them.

When you politicize money, you also monetize politics.

If your system of government cannot work if venal greedy people are in charge, you have chosen poorly.

Liberals see government as a complement to community. Libertarians see government as a substitute for community. So when liberals say "government should care for the poor," and Libertarians say, "government should not care for the poor," they are both saying that we should care for the poor.

The government is like a bad boyfriend. He hits you (allows pollution), then stops (requires permits for pollution) and expects you to be grateful.
Voters are like a bad girlfriend. They are grateful, and ask for more government (he really loves me).

When accurate information is scarce, it is a mistake to centralize decision-making.

When someone appropriates your culture, you make more. It's not like there's a shortage of culture.

The problem with centralizing political power is that the people who want it think they're going to have the power.

Why is "colored people" racist, but "people of color" is woke?

I'm eating carnivore since 2/14. 99.9% meat.

No matter who plays the game, the commercials always win.

Why do people assume that, having given government the power to control, they will be in control of that control? Or that the government will somehow consist of better people than average, who will refrain from using that control to their own ends? Indeed, it's far more likely that government service will attract people who seek control over other people.

Freedom creates prosperity.
Coercion creates poverty.

The only tool politicians have to improve our lives is coercion.

ABCT in 1 line: By printing up money, people think they have more, so they spend in unsustainable ways, and the bust is them realizing that.

How the hell could you have a country without a religion???? THAT'S INSANE! Well, people equally think it's insane today that we could improve things radically by CEASING to regulate corporations.
Separation of market and state. It's the only way to get our government back. It's the only way to save our country. Please listen to me. 3/3

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Given that I see a ton of people DOING THE WRONG THING, the EXACT wrong thing, going in EXACTLY the opposite direction from the only path likely to work, the best thing I can do is keep hammering on the idea that we have to treat corporations like we do religions: keep them at arm's length and the HELL away from our government. And that means that we have to keep the HELL away from them.
Separation of church and state was a crazy idea 250 years ago. 2/3

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