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*shocked and still haplessly fumbling the gun* I'm so sorry... I'm Alec, I'm bald for your win, I mean I'm sorry... for your loss, *gun goes off again shooting Alec Baldwin in the foot*

Come work on open source decentralized social media, secure scuttlebutt and more. In go, swift, android, js...

Going to start screencapping threads from Twitter convos that add context haha

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I recently heard someone claim that the far right owns the word "based" and this person, a left-winger, was basically saying stay in your lane and don't boost the right-wing language, branding etc. So here are the official swim lanes:

proof of "touch grass" blockchain consensus algorithm

Are you using or planning a complex #hierarchy of folders for files or #emails?
Please stop doing that and learn why this isn't working that good:
#publicvoit #PIM

What do you think of the idea of a decentralized and gigified parcel post? As an end user maybe you can modulate the trade-offs of efficiency, cost, and shipper reputation threshold. If you are willing to pay more, there will be more options for efficient routing to shippers willing to ship for said amount.

Free idea: delivery service that delivers to individuals instead of to mailing addresses. It would use a principle of least privilege to share location information, with reasonable defaults and configuration options for whether to confirm sharing location.

Government officials are scrambling to remove the <!— TOP SECRET —> sections from intelligence agency websites. At press time plans are in motion to move all classified content to the ethereum blockchain.

Michael Moore does NOT like stream processing or the kappa architecture one bit

All at once Corduroy read the dry humor piece. "This is very 'inside baseball'", he remarked, "I think I've always wanted to be inside of a baseball."

I am a colorless green idea. I sleep furiously. Normalize this.

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