Experimenting with anti-humor here. It's actually hilarious how it has no punch and ends on a complicated note

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A communist, a Christian eschatologist, and a capitalist sit at a bar

Communist: after the revolution we drink for free

Eschatologist: nice, but after rapture *I* drink with Jesus

Capitalist (bar owner): ever since the singularity I've greatly profited from turning water to wine.

Tired: Stephen Colbert saying "reality has a liberal bias"

Wired: thermodynamicist left libertarian saying "reality has a radical liberal bias"

Lesser-known Silicon Valley mispredictions:
"10 pairs of assless chaps is more than the entirety of the San Francisco peninsula will ever have need for. I myself am not acquainted with even one assless individual." William Hewlett, private correspondence with Dave Packard, 1941

I just remembered Alva Noe's great quote "consciousness is more like dancing than it is like digestion" because I was thinking about the fact that the digestive system literally *processes* foods. In this case we can talk about processing and not wince at all.

The two generations are Gen Webex & Gen Zoom.

Gen X & Zoomers for short

Social media trending:

The dip: previous ATH from last week

People ask "Who is John Galt?"

But never "How is John Galt?" 🥺

If you are not an unrealized gain, then whose cash profit are you? If you are not at an unrealized loss, whose misfortune borne of desperation are you?

"Escrava Anastacia is a popular saint venerated in Brazil. A slave woman of African descent, Anastacia is depicted as possessing incredible beauty, having piercing blue eyes and wearing an oppressive facemask. She is venerated for her healing powers and her patience under hardship."

Jason Sudeikis was practicing pointing finger at camera during fatal fingergun mishap

The Internet accelerates the rate at which all human beings alive can put their heads together. The point at which all heads collide at high velocity is called the concussionality.

thinking about APL and Orca as two "hieroglyphic" programming experiences

Suddenly nakedly aware of having lived half of my life in the pre-orb period of human history.

Industry watchdog warns today's gleeful shouts of "orb us, alt man" may give way to tomorrow's somber chants of "alter us, orb man".

While we're tooting
Let me offer you some free advice
shitpost less
click "like" more
don't let them know what you're against or what you're for

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