source not needed

you can figure out that child-adult love is not evil
all by yourself
@nosat @rimugu

this has nothing to do with leftistm/rightism

just reality and love

@mumble_tank @rimugu only a deranged leftist coomer would defend pedophilia

it is as much love as necrophilia the love of corpses

@nosat @rimugu

"deranged leftist coomer would defend pedophilia"

let's see if you can back that up

why would it be deranged?

@mumble_tank @rimugu Trying to act like pedo's are not mentally deranged is in itself deranged.

The fact that you need an explanation of this shows you are swallowing pedo propaganda coming out of the corporate media.

@nosat @rimugu

fancy rhetoric to attack anyone who questions your view

instead of taking the main question head on

what is wrong with that either of 2 conditions you mentions.

I will keep hammering on this and you will keep dodging it because you really have no idea what you are talking about

@mumble_tank @rimugu main question? you are trying to normalize grotesque immoral activity, I will keep hammering on how your mind has been warped by pedo's in power throughout your lifetime.

@nosat @rimugu

just repeating the same line

never addressing the question head on

@mumble_tank @rimugu

Question: Is raping children evil?

Answer: Yes


@nosat @rimugu

that's just a circular statement

how long is this nonsense going to go on?
@nosat @rimugu

how do you know I am?

how about normalizing reality?

you will find that every source is a lie when you start to dig
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