@rimugu <- this is what #covidiots actually think

the only thing ruining children's futures are people who get in the way of ending covid

And ending flu and ending chickenpox and ending aids.
Sure, sure.

@rimugu AIDS is not airborn. Chickenpox will be over in a generation or two, and is already something children are just as puzzled by as smallpox/polio/measles. https://xkcd.com/1950/ . And the flu will be next.
@rimugu I mean

unless you consider @covid19 to be airborn AIDS (which it basically is)
@rimugu how much RNA do you think HIV and covid have in common?
@rimugu no I mean how much do *you* think, without checking
@rimugu alright don't even think about it then, just stay with your head firmly in the ground

Yaeh, I bow to your superior knowledge, suuuureeee

@nanook i think a good part of the rest of the world realizes this but I was mostly trying to see how much @rimugu understands about their environment.

Not as much as covid is airborne aids super hehe smart jeffcliff

@jeffcliff @covid19 @rimugu

No, it isn't, all of the 'new infections' are overwhelmingly vaxxers and you have 0% chance of contracting Bell's Palsy etc by not being a guinea pig.

For fuck's sake, I was just on the Paranormies on Friday and muh airborne AIDS is the most tinfoil take I've heard all week.

You think bioengineered superbugs are a reality, can't see that Jeff Bezos and other multibillionaires had a banner year while anyone else was stuck begging for handouts. Ok, then - which is more likely: zombie apocalypse, or rich kikes doing rich kike things, again?
@KashKustomer @covid19 @rimugu

> all of the 'new infections' are overwhelmingly vaxxers

Is this even true? Locally here It's like ~98% are non-vaxxed, and the 2% that remain are mostly mild cases far above baseline (ie more or less exactly what we'd expect with a vaccine). ie what back of the truck vaccines are your locals taking?

> you have 0% chance of contracting Bell's Palsy etc by not being a guinea pig.

That may be true. But we've got bigger fish to fry right now.

> You think bioengineered superbugs are a reality

Yes I do, though I don't think covid is one of them I think it shows signs that it could be.

> can't see that Jeff Bezos and other multibillionaires had a banner year while anyone else was stuck begging for handouts

I not only can see this now but I saw this before it happened and talked about it on my podcast, suggesting that it would happen.

The poor staying poor the rich getting richer hasn't changed much over time, that's for sure.
@jeffcliff @covid19 @rimugu

>is this even true
I dunno, I posted the CDC admitting their multipanel test cannot distinguish between influenza and 'sneezy AIDS' but you roundly dismissed what they, themselves, say.

Much like masks being effective, 'no really Fauchi hasn't penned studies on masks C A U S I N G the Spanish Flu', and their admitting 94% of deaths attributed to 'Covid' were false positives almost a year ago.

Even using the standard sources, it's bullshit as a disease - but quite effective as an economic weapon.

But, if you want to reee into the wind promoting a hugely flawed vaccine that has maybe 10% of the necessary trials for a 'pandemic' that 99%+ survive, by all means.
@jeffcliff @rimugu

:geordi_nah: Get medical information from a meme

:geordi_yeah: Get medical information from a web comic

@anonymoose @rimugu I've confirmed this - I've asked quite a few of my students about chicken pox and none of them, afaik, have even heard of it.

Pretty much everyone my age has had it.

There's indeed a big disconnect between zoomers and genxers+ on this one.
@anonymoose @rimugu chicken pox? i seem to remember getting it more than once too but maybe that's my memory being inaccurate

One thing's for sure though, I have scars from them, including one prominent one that'll probably define my appearance to other people forever
@jeffcliff @rimugu @anonymoose Odd, I got no scars either time but then I seem fairly immune to permanent scars, I'll get them but they will fade after a few years to decades.
@nanook @anonymoose @rimugu i mean

hard to say how much of the scar was the chickenpox and how much was my scratching it (which ripped the skin, causing a scar)
@jeffcliff @nanook @rimugu That's why they tell you not to scratch them, because when you do it scars. I have a couple of pox scars on my forehead.
@anonymoose @nanook @rimugu yup

but it's like 'don't touch your face' ...it's easier said than done


i have a massive sunburn right now all over my body and it is itchy AF and I am struggling to not itch atm
@jeffcliff @nanook @rimugu Sorry to hear that buddy, hope it was at least fun to get, if not fun to have. 🌞
@anonymoose @rimugu @jeffcliff I scratched the shit out of mine and no long term scars.

So that is why you seem to be pathologically scared of airborne aids (covid) ?

@rimugu @anonymoose alright it's good that you're curious here, again, based on what you know, how much similarity do *you* think there is?

It might explain why you and I treat it differently yes
@rimugu @anonymoose the difference between us is one of us is willing to actually look at the raw data, and see what the threat is actually like, one of is just ignores it

Suuuureeeee, sureeee mr. airborne aids
Tinfoil is on sale in walmart.

@jeffcliff @rimugu @anonymoose I had it not once but twice dispelling the myth of lifetime immunity. Got it as a young child in elementary school, and again as an adult at 30 years of age.
@nanook @anonymoose @rimugu yeah you can definitely get it a second time as an adult - when it's known as shingles


"How the virus remains dormant in the body or subsequently re-activates is not well understood.[1]"

Well that's damn interesting
this makes this one one of the bigger #openproblems of our time - since the answer probably will reveal things about other virii that sit latent in nerve cells (possibly including @covid19 ?)
@jeffcliff @covid19 @rimugu @anonymoose No I didn't get Shingles, I got classical Chicken Pox, a second time, as an adult. Shingles often happen in later adulthood when you're immune system starts to go to shit. Not there yet but it is a possibility sometime.
@nanook @jeffcliff @rimugu I had it as a kid, and then again in high school. The second time it was not nearly as bad though.
@anonymoose @rimugu @jeffcliff My second time around was worse, particularly the very last day where I started puking so bad and so frequently that after four hours of constant up chucking and dry heaves when there was nothing left to chuck, I went to an emergency room and obtained some anti-nausea medicine. By that point it was already on my feet and was the last day of fever.
@jeffcliff @rimugu It's weird how both sides call each other "covidiots"; I can't think of another example off hand, it might be a unique example in the culture wars.

I would like to request that we please use more descriptive insults so everyone can tell at a glance who people are mad at without having to browse timelines.
@anonymoose @rimugu I'm not giving the word up, they can give that word up.
@rimugu CNN said it was unvaccinated people though
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