Medical Expert Confirms Unborn Children Feel Excruciating Pain During Abortions

dictators have killed more people than any other group or institution in history - a stunning 128 million in the 20th century alone.
Nothing is more dangerous than an atheist playing god.

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Gun rights ARE woman's rights. THe goonerment goonsquad can never keep you safe and you have a RIGHT to defend yourself (against thugs and goons...)

are the more annoying religious people on Earth

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Privacy Badger automatically learns to block spying ads and invisible trackers. All you have to do is install.

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HTTPS Everywhere keeps your browsing safe by making sure your web browser uses encryption whenever possible.

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"Pro-lifers don't support life after birth." FALSE.
- Pro-lifer champion marriage (best anti-poverty program)
- Crisis preg centers
- Church/community programs for single moms
- Adoption
- Free market to raise prosperity
- Safety net for needy
- Give more charity than Leftist

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if your an LGBT+ person, your existence is political

if your a person of colour, your existence is political

if your a person who likes the star wars prequels, your existence is political

Condoning transgederim is like agreeing with anorexics that they are fat
Condonar la transexualidad es como estar de acuerdo con los anorexicos de que estan gordon

Liberal: Alguien que quiere que seas libre. Siempre y cuando escogas de las libertades aprovadas, hagas el papeleo respectivoy pagues la cuota correspondiente.

"El éxito de los programas sociales debería medirse por la gente que deja de utilizarlos, no por el numero de beneficiarios." -Ronald Reagan

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