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Today Planned Parenthood will kill over 900 preborn children, ages 6 weeks old to 24 weeks.

Meanwhile, every single day, Planned Parenthood receives 1.4 million taxpayer dollars.

We are funding our nation’s greatest human rights abuse.

24.2 Dice el Salmista: «lámpara es tu palabra para mis pasos, luz en mi sendero» (Sal 119, 105). Por esto la Iglesia exhorta a la lectura frecuente de la Sagrada Escritura, pues «desconocer la Escritura es desconocer a Cristo» (San Jerónimo).

24.1 ¿Qué función tiene la Sagrada Escritura en la vida de la Iglesia?

La Sagrada Escritura proporciona apoyo y vigor a la vida de la Iglesia. Para sus hijos, es firmeza de la fe, alimento y manantial de vida espiritual. Es el alma de la teología y de la predicación pastoral.

27.455 USB phone
27.555 USB phone
27.695 USB phone
27.635 USB
27.245 USB
27.385 LSB phone
27.185 AM phone
27.605 AM phone

Antenna: Fullsize wire delta loop @ 15m
Power: 35 watt

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The cognitive dissonance of the left and types to embrace the misogyny of while pretending to care about empowering women is baffling.

Every time I say something about one of their acolytes comes to me with more fervor than an protestant street preacher.

has killed more than all religious wars combined.

Atheism is a natural and inseparable part of Marxism, of the theory and practice of scientific socialism.

– Vladimir Lenin

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