What could I do if I do anything at all? That is a ponderous query without answer. Just a rhetorical question.

I am baffled. Does each Mastodon instance require a seperate login, similar to Twitter? I love Twitter, but that is one of the negatives, is attempting to use multiple accounts. Would love to have a master account under which all the individual accounts exist.

For my , I would like to tell you I am a fan of all things audio, a licensed amateur radio operator, K6WJR, and I have a background in commercial radio. Thank you for creating this Mastodon instance and look forward to future discussions.

Good stuff found everywhere on the net and Mastodon is excellent for communication.

A federal judge on Saturday rejected key elements of President Donald Trump’s May executive orders that would make it easier to fire federal employees and reduce their ability to bargain collectively.


Liberdon is a Mastodon instance for libertarians, ancaps, anarchists, voluntaryists, agorists, etc to sound off without fear of reprisal from jack or zuck. It was created in the wake of the Great Twitter Cullings of 2018, when a number of prominent libertarian accounts were suspended or banned.