Do you have to use #Autodesk #Revit at work as an #architect or #engineer, or know somebody who does?

Please talk to them about how to create #IFC files, the ISO open-data standard to help improve industry interoperability and improve the quality of your #BIM files. I've written a handy guide here, even if you're completely new to IFC.

Let's bring #opensource to the AEC industry. It's ethically important to increase transparency in the design of the built environment!


@thinkMoult I have to use for work. It's one of the worst applications I've ever used, but it's such an industry standard we can't use anything else.

@rchive I know how you feel.

Please find a way to ask consultants for IFCs and use them. Open data formats is the first step forward to breaking the Autodesk monopoly.

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