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Trump’s immigration rhetoric carries shades of 1994

Source: Reason
by Steven Greenhut

“As a libertarian, I oppose most public services for, well, everybody. But the statewide initiative did more than try to turn off the spigot for taxpayer-funded programs. In opposing the initiative at the time, The Orange County Register complained that ‘it would also introduce Big Brother elements into schools and hospitals ...'” (01/11/19)

Everything Voluntary Podcast, episode 266

“Episode 266 has Skyler giving his commentary on the following topics: an article by C Jay Engel titled, ‘Governance As A Role Vs. The State As An Entity;’ challenging jurisdiction; and more.” [various formats] (01/10/19)

Liberty isn’t utopia

Source: Kent’s “Hooligan Libertarian” Blog
by Kent McManigal

“Utopia isn’t an option. But statists don’t like that admission and it’s a deal-breaker for them. Liberty would have to be Utopia with no problems at all for them to accept it in place of their favored statist Dystopia — no matter the specific issue.” (01/11/19)

This Week in Bitcoin, 01/10/19


“Bitcoin is everywhere. From the protests in France, to U.S. sanctioned countries, to intellectual debates in Israel.” [various formats] (01/10/19)

Libertarians, cultural appropriation bullies and victimhood

Source: HubPages
by Garry Reed

“So much has already been written about the evils of Cultural Appropriation that it’s almost become a joke to everyone except the most hardcore progressive collectivist class war groupthink-identity victimhood-whining Social Justice Warrior (SJW), many of whom are now assuming the title of Cultural Appropriation Bully (CAB).” (01/10/19)

The Tom Woods Show, episode 1317

“Allen Mendenhall, who holds a Ph.D. in English from Auburn University, joins me to discuss what libertarian literary criticism looks like.” [various formats] (01/19/19)

France, part 2

Source: The Price of Liberty
by Nathan Barton

“In 1945, France was seemingly at peace, and it seemed that the people were in charge. Or were they? The corrupt Third Republic was dead, the various monarchists had no real power. The Fascists were being chased down, the colonies were being reorganized. A new democracy was born. And in turn was taken over by a new Napoleon, Charles de Gaulle.” (01/10/19)

Let others make their mistakes

Source: Eastern New Mexico News
by Kent McManigal

“If I see you jumping off a cliff and can’t reason you out of your foolish death-plunge, who believes I’m obligated to jump with you? In any realm, other than politics, no one would expect you to willingly leap to your death just because someone else does so.” (01/09/19)

Please, TSA workers, don’t come back

Source: Reason
by JD Tuccille

“[I]sn’t this an opportunity for us all? Given that the world is a better place when TSA employees and other government minions don’t do their jobs, and some are already seeking alternative employment, what a great opportunity to shut down their agencies, shrink the government, and make everybody’s lives a little better!” (01/09/19)

The case for the longer term

Source: Cato Unbound
by Tyler Cowen

“In Stubborn Attachments: A Vision for a Society of Free, Prosperous, and Responsible Individuals I argue that we should have two and only two ‘stubborn attachments’ in our social philosophy: * Sustainable economic growth * Absolute human rights … ” (01/09/19)

Capitalism, not morality, ended baseball’s color line

Source: American Institute for Economic Research
by Michael Munger

“Rickey had at least four reasons to break the color line: black players (1) were athletically talented, (2) were underpriced, and (3) were likely to attract thousands of new fans to the Brooklyn ballpark .... It is also true that (4) Rickey had long resented the bigotry of fellow owners and the racism of the gentleman’s agreement.” (01/09/19)

We Are Libertarians, episode 336

“Chris Spangle, Harry Price, and Tad Western outline all of the details of the Green New Deal, Climate Grief, and celebrate I, Pencil.” [various formats] (01/09/19)

Ron Paul Liberty Report, 01/09/19

“Economic collapse? More social media censorship? Will we get out of Syria? Legendary trends forecaster Gerald Celente joins today’s Liberty Report to let us know what he expects for 2019!” [Flash video] (01/09/19)

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Electric Libertyland, episode 106

Source: Lions of Liberty

“On this week’s Electric Libertyland Brian reacts to President Trump’s speech in support of ‘The Wall’ from the Oval office and the rebuttal from Democrats Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.” [various formats] (01/09/19)

Foreign Policy Focus, episode 295

“On FPF #295, I discuss the US relationship with China. The acting Secretary of Defense said he will focus on ‘China, China, China.’ The US increasing looked at the great powers — Russia and China — the biggest threat to the US. The economic relationship with China is rocky, and the US continues to challenge Chinese territorial claims. I also discuss the coup attempt in Gabon and the changing US war in Somalia.” [various formats]

Time is money, money is time

Source: Cobden Centre
by Alasdair Macleod

“Unlike the other dimensions, height, breadth and depth, the fourth is almost infinite, but individuals enjoy only a small part of it, our three-score years and ten. Time moves on. What really matters is not wasting it.” (01/09/19)

Sounds Like Liberty, episode 30

Source: The Launch Pad Media

“In today’s episode Nicky P & Lizzie examine Silent Running by Mike + The Mechanics. It’s everybody’s favorite sleeper anarchist anthem from the 80’s.” [Flash audio or MP3] (01/09/19)

No, the US and Colombia will not eradicate 50% of Colombian coca by 2023

Source: PanAm Post
by David Unsworth

“In keeping with a general trend of satirical news becoming reality, The Onion was spot on 20 years ago when they wrote a prescient headline: ‘Drugs Win Drug War.’ Apparently, politicians have not gotten the message.” (01/08/19)

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