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One Free Family, episode 44

Source: Pax Libertas Productions

“Taylor and James are back after some holiday travel and ready to reflect on their experiences and there take on gift-giving culture in the United States in general.” [Flash audio] (01/07/19)

Lions of Liberty Podcast, episode 382

“On today’s flagship Lions of Liberty podcast, Marc hosts a lively debate on the concept of a Universal Basic Income guarantee!” [various formats] (01/07/19)

Punk Rock Libertarians Podcast, episode 196

Source: The Daily Liberator

“420 Genders w/ Arvin Vohra.” [various formats] (01/07/19)

How you spend your money is your business and your business alone

Cafe Hayek
by Don Boudreaux

“You ask how I ‘dare infer’ that my ‘self-centered desire’ to trade with foreigners as I choose should ‘outweigh the American people’s verdict to have our President conduct our trade in ways which he concludes advances our national interest.’ I ask how you dare infer that Donald Trump’s ... desire to prevent me from trading with foreigners should outweigh my own verdict ...”

The betrayal of Charlie Hebdo

Source: spiked
by Elan Journo

“[T]he threat to freedom of speech emanates not only, or even primarily, from the ‘jihadists’ veto.’ The deeper problem is us. There’s pervasive antipathy to the principle of freedom of speech. Unless we understand and value it, we will lose this crucial right.” (01/07/19)

The Cost, episode 9

Source: We Are Libertarians

“In a continuation of The Cost: The Human Toll of Public Policy, Phyllis Klosinski explains her fight against Medicare to receive the lifesaving treatment she needs, and how the government prevents it at every turn. She also touches on our duty to fight for our rights.” [various formats] (01/06/19)

The Last Nighters, episode 53

Source: The Launch Pad Media

“Charles Bronson vs. Bruce Willis (who would win?) The original is one of the classic revenge thrillers that has that satisfying edge of the bad guys getting what’s coming to them.” (01/06/19)

Fantasy and politics

Source: Notes On Liberty
by Ethan Blevins

“While I don’t really mean this as a criticism so much as an observation, monarchy and feudalism abound in most other-world fantasies. Or the politics are indistinct. Despite my deep love for Tolkien, he falls into this category as well — either political control is unclear in regions like the Shire, or the region is ruled by an absolute ruler.” (01/06/19)

Postcards from Somalia, episode 26

Source: The Launch Pad Media

“Ben Shapiro Is A Monsterous Ass Part Deux.” [Flash audio or MP3] (01/01/19)

What does government cost us?

Source: The Price of Liberty
by Nathan Barton

“Money is important to almost all of us. ... But where government, and especially the FedGov, REALLY costs us — you and me — the most and worse is intangible: It costs us freedom. It costs us liberty. It costs us opportunity. It not only steals money from us, but it steals a better standard of living, better technology, better futures.” (01/01/19)

US policy toward Cuba attacked America’s freedom and values

Source: FFF
by Jacob G Hornberger

“The decades-long U.S. interventionist policy against Cuba failed to achieve its goal of removing Fidel Castro from power and replacing him with a pro-U.S. regime, similar to the pro-U.S. Batista regime that the Cuban revolution ousted from power in 1959. More important, interventionism against Cuba ended up attacking the freedom and values of the American people.” (01/01/19)

The Bob Zadek Show, 12/30/18

“Without making a specific case for impeaching Trump (with all the partisan pitfalls that would entail), [Gene] Healy’s latest white paper serves as a primer on the purpose, history, and scope of impeachment provisions.” [various formats] (12/30/18)

Aquinas on the state and its limitations

Source: The Jolly Libertarian
by Marco den Ouden

“The word law (lex), [Aquinas] notes, ‘is derived from ligare (to bind), because it binds one to act.’ More specifically, ‘law is a rule and measure of acts, whereby man is induced to act or is restrained from acting.’ Law, to be effective, ‘needs to be in accord with some rule of reason.’” (01/01/19)

Dropouts built America

Source: Reason
by Jesse Walker

“The first arrivals from the Old World to stay here permanently were mutineers seizing that most essential of freedoms: the right to walk away.” (for publication 01/19)

Ron Paul Liberty Report, 12/29/18

“It’s been reported that (just) the interest payments on the U.S. government’s debt will be larger than Medicaid in less than 2 years, and larger than the military budget in 6 years. The math is finally catching up with the big government. ” [Flash video] (12/29/18)

What kind of ice cream cone?

Source: Common Sense
by Paul Jacob

“When I wrote about the Donald’s change of troop positions abroad last week, it was less than completely clear that the US President aimed to withdraw troops from Afghanistan as well as Syria. But multiple reports on the day I posted ‘Strategic Disengagement’ make it clearer: about half of America’s 14,000 troops stationed there are scheduled to exit. Why not all?” (12/28/18)

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