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They fight economics, but economics always wins

American Institute for Economic Research
Jeffrey A Tucker

“This year began with an audacious attempt to restore American industrial manufacturing by force of political will. ... Among the results: factory closings, collapsed sales of American-made motorcycles, falling financials, double-digit increases in steel prices laying waste to corporate profits, higher prices and reduced incomes for American consumers ..."

Free Talk Live, 12/29/18

“Pho Keene Great — New Business Stirs Controversy, Story Going Viral? :: Border Wall and Canada :: Big Government Welfare :: Wall Costs :: Sick Religious Man Says We’re Going to Hell :: Federal Debt :: Police State :: Jehovah’s Witness :: Good Christian :: Slavery :: Diseased Immigrant Fears :: Legal System :: HOSTS — Ian, Mark.” [Flash audio or MP3] (12/29/18)

Foreign Policy Focus, episode 290

“On FPF #290, I explain that the US Empire is operating as usual even though the mainstream media is focused on the shutdown. The US continues to slow the Korean Peace Process with sanctions. Defense Secretary James Mattis will be out on January 1st and weapon makers exec Patrick Shanahan will take over. I discuss the impact of the announced US troop withdrawal from Syria.”

Free Thoughts Podcast, episode 272


“The curve of human progress is a jagged one, explains Marian Tupy.” [various formats] (12/28/18)

Eroding norms and political transformation: A new chance for liberty?

Source: Notes On Liberty
by Alexander Albrecht

“Mutual tolerance describes the recognition of the political enemy as an opposed actor instead as an existential threat to the country. Contrary, forbearance means to restrain the urge of using every legal means to achieve a political end. It is certainly not too difficult to quantify the erosion of these two norms in America ..." (12/29/18)

Editor’s Break, episode 127

Source: Everything Voluntary

“Editor’s Break 127 has Skyler giving his commentary on the following topics: two articles, one he wrote in April of 2008 on the right to own firearms, and one he wrote in June of 2008 on delineating between justified and unjustified government action.” [various formats] (12/28/18)

Open rebellion?

Source: The Price of Liberty
by Nathan Barton

“[P]erhaps as many as one million residents of New Jersey have failed to turn in ‘high-capacity’ magazines by the statutory deadline of 11th of December, 2018. ... according to anonymous sources in the State Police, not a single magazine has been turned in.” (12/27/18)

Reason Podcast, 12/28/18

“[I]t was altogether appropriate at our 50th anniversary celebration in November to convene a panel, which I [Matt Welch] was fortunate to moderate, on where the future is taking us. Giving us that glimpse were Science Correspondent Ronald Bailey, Reason TV Managing Editor Jim Epstein (who talked about blockchain), and legendary skeptic Michael Shermer.” [various formats] (12/28/18)

Red flag laws and predictive policing

Source: Independent Institute
by Randall Holcombe

“Although we may be alarmed by things people say, citizens also have First Amendment rights to free speech, and we are on shaky ground if we say that people exercising their First Amendment rights should lose their Second Amendment rights. Lots of people say alarming things, and few of them actually engage in violent behavior. ” (12/28/18)

Felony Friday, episode 156

Source: Lions of Liberty

“Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! For today’s episode of Felony Friday John was joined by Electric Liberty Land host Brian McWilliams. Brian and John recap 2018 from a criminal justice standpoint, then get into some some criminal justice stories trending in the news. They cap the show off by playing ‘Is this a Crime?'” [various formats] (12/28/18)

Review: Guncrazy America

Source: The Racinian
by Dave Kristopeit

“[Guncrazy]is 358 pages long but here is the interesting thing: there are only 264 pages of prose with the remaining 94 pages being index, bibliography, endnotes, and further reading suggestions. It appears at first glance to be a scholarly work. It is not.” (12/27/18)

This Week in Bitcoin, 12/27/18


“Reflections on 2018 and a look ahead to 2019 and what’s in store for bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.” [various formats] (12/27/18)

Capitalism and markets create mineral reserves — not God or geography

Source: Continental Telegraph
by Tim Worstall

“Yes, of course, geology has something to do with where mineral deposits and reserves are but it’s a much truer reflection of that real universe out there to insist that capitalism and markets create mineral reserves — far more so than anything else to do with continents floating around on the magma and all that.” (12/28/18)

So to Speak: The Free Speech Podcast, 12/27/18

Source: Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

“On today’s episode of So to Speak: The Free Speech Podcast, we speak with Anthony Leaker. Earlier this year he wrote an essay for Cato Unbound called ‘Against ‘Free Speech,” in which he professes skepticism of the prevailing free speech narrative in the West and argues that it is often used as a Trojan Horse for far-right wing and fascist propaganda.” (12/27/18)

Universal Basic Income: More ineffective big government socialism

Source: PanAm Post
by David Unsworth

"It would be nice to think that a universal basic income program would allow human beings to fully realize their potential. ... To say that this is a fanciful notion is an understatement." (12/28/18)

Three days left in 2018, $2,528.50 short of our goal …

Our extraordinarily modest fundraising goal is $5,000 by the end of the year, so as you can tell we’re waaaaaaaay behind. I’ve done the lengthy explanations why, etc. already, so I’ll just ask: Pretty please, with sugar on top, support the freedom movement’s daily newspaper at:

Reason Podcast, 12/26/18

“J.D. Tuccille, Lisa Snell, and Rob Long discuss the democratization of everything at Reason’s 50th anniversary celebration.” [various formats] (12/26/18)

Trump’s holiday gift to America: Hope for a little more peace on Earth?

Source: Garrison Center
by Thomas L Knapp

“Nothing’s written in stone, and both US foreign policy and Donald Trump are prone to sudden and unexpected turns. But the holiday season is a time of hope. Maybe, just maybe, nearly three decades of US war in the Middle East are coming to the beginning of their end.” 12/27/18)

Doug Bandow on The Scott Horton Show

Source: Libertarian Institute

“Doug Bandow joins the show to talk about all four of his recent articles, covering China, Cuba, Yemen, and Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria and Afghanistan.” [various formats] (12/27/18)

NATO partisans started a new Cold War with Russia

Source: Cato Institute
by Ted Galen Carpenter

“[T]he behavior of America’s political, policy, and media elites in response to the latest parochial quarrel between Russia and Ukraine regarding the Kerch Strait suggests that they learned nothing from their previous blunders.” (12/27/18)

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