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Editor’s Break, episode 107

Source: Everything Voluntary

“Editor’s Break 107 has Skyler giving his commentary on the following topics: the value in granting birthright citizenship in order to reduce the amount of coercion leveled at people by governments; the challenge in tailoring your rhetoric, written or spoken, for a broader audience, what libertarianism has to say about bigotry, such as racism and sexism; and more.” [various formats] (11/07/18)

Did liberty win? Here’s how to tell

Source: Foundation for Economic Education
by Lawrence W Reed

“Did your guy win this past Tuesday? Did your party emerge victorious? The answers to those questions are quite often not the same as the answer to this question: Will the country be any freer or more civil or more prosperous because of the election outcome?” (11/07/18)

Scott Paul on The Scott Horton Show

Source: Libertarian Institute

“Scott Paul joins the show to talk about recent developments in the war in Yemen, where new casualty estimates claim at least 50,000 deaths just from direct violence.” [various formats] (11/07/18)

Nullification was the real midterm winner, underscoring the power of issue-based activism

Tenth Amendment Center
by Mike Maharrey

“I’ve heard some pundits call the election a repudiation of Trumpism. Others say the results vindicated the president’s policies. Basically, the political landscape came out of the latest ‘most important election of our lifetime’ a little muddled. But here’s something crystal clear. The nullification movement won and it won big.” (11/07/18)

Why the energy sector meets the conditions for decentralization

by Richard Lohwasser

“Industries like banking originally centralized to bring stability, security, and ease of use to consumers. While cryptocurrencies offer their own benefits, such as anonymous, worldwide transfers, fluctuating value, hackability, and over-saturation could prove that monetary decentralization isn’t the perfect application for blockchain ...” (11/07/18)

Why is the KC Health Department stopping neighbors from feeding the homeless?

Source: Show-Me Institute
by Emily Stahly

“For the past several years, a group of friends and neighbors have gathered on Sunday afternoons in three public parks to share a meal together and serve hundreds of people in need in Kansas City. This past Sunday, unfortunately, the Kansas City Health Department shut down the group and threw away the food they had prepared ...” (11/07/18)

It's time for Congress to acknowledge the collapse of pot prohibition

Jacob Sullum

"Of the 20 states where voters have the power to pass legislation by initiative, 16 have already legalized marijuana for medical or recreational use. ... At some point, Congress will have to officially recognize what's going on by reconciling federal law, which still prohibits marijuana in any form for any purpose, with state laws that tolerate medical or recreational use."

There might be a case for financial intermediation

American Institute for Economic Research
Jeffrey A Tucker

“I was explaining the technology to economist Edward Stringham. This new market-based money allows individuals to exchange peer-to-peer without financial intermediation, I said. All transactions are finally settled, regardless of geographic proximity, with no previous trust relationships, with zero access to financial institutions. … He immediately recoiled.”

Why I didn’t vote

Source: Everything Voluntary
by Skyler J Collins

“People are aghast when they learn that I do not participate in electoral politics and voting. I have a lot to say about political philosophy, for sure, but it does not follow that I should be politically active.” (11/07/18)

Medicare for All? Be careful what you ask for

Source: Foundation for Economic Education
by Warren C Gibson

“The drumbeat continues for ‘single-payer’ health insurance, or ‘Medicare for All.’ How many proponents have first-hand experience with Medicare? How many opponents, for that matter? Economic principles are essential to any rational evaluation of these proposals, but on-the-ground experience helps, too.” (11/07/18)

Cato Daily Podcast, 11/07/18

"Democrats will run the U.S. House and Republicans will hang onto the Senate. What does that mean for limited government? What were the bright spots for liberty at the state level? Michael Tanner comments." [various formats] (11/07/18)

Did the Russians influence my vote?

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G Hornberger

“How is a person supposed to determine whether his vote was the result of an independent, reasoned judgment or instead a result of Russian meddling? After all, lots of people would say that it’s not rational to vote for a Libertarian, given that he or she has virtually no chance of winning.” (11/07/18)

Ron Paul Liberty Report, 11/07/18

“Conventional wisdom says the Republican loss of the House of Representatives be bad news for President Trump. More investigations? Endless Russiagate ‘revelations?’ But what if it is actually a boon for the president? Contrarian analysis of the US mid-term elections in today’s Liberty Report.” [Flash video] (11/07/18)

Legal immigration into the United States, part 15

Source: Notes On Liberty
by Jacques Delacroix

"Surely, in addition to those structural tendencies for immigrants’ propensity to tend left, there is a seemingly built-in electoral incompetence of conservative and other market-oriented parties " (11/07/18)

Must financial regulation come from the state? The history of self-regulating markets

Source: Acton Institute
by Philip Booth

"[D]espite the Church’s teaching on the principle of subsidiarity, the question is rarely asked, 'Who should regulate the financial sector?' ... problems in financial markets are not necessarily solved by bureaucratic agencies churning out rules and regulations." (11/07/18)

Divided by party, united in spirit

Source: Cato Institute
by Michael D Tanner

"For those who focus on politics, yesterday’s election appears to have only left us more divided. ... It is very easy to believe that the country is falling apart. Yet those divisions are not what America really is." (11/07/18)

Foreign Policy Focus, episode 268

"On FPF #268, I discuss the 2018 Midterm Elections. I explain why I did not vote. Little of the debate in the leadup to the midterms has been on what US foreign policy. Most of Congress takes no interest in wars and ignore their Constitutional duties. I look at some issues that could be impacted by the midterm elections." [various formats] (11/07/18)

Tariffs are welfare

Source: Cafe Hayek
by Don Boudreaux

"You object to my cash-handout point by arguing that such handouts 'aren’t dignified .... People need meaningful work not welfare.' ... There is nothing at all dignified about working at jobs that exist only because government agents coercively prevent consumers from buying imports that compete with goods and services produced by protected workers." (11/07/18)

Essential Libertarianism, episode 50

Source: Pax Libertas Productions

"Do you really owe those taxes?" [various formats] (11/07/18)

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