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The Tom Woods Show, episode 1258

“When it comes to sound money and fiat paper, we libertarians are nearly always dismissed as cranks. Why, don’t we know that we need the government to be able to create whatever amount of money the experts think best? Don’t we know this system has worked much more smoothly than the gold standard ever did? Don’t we know our system will lead to ‘deflation?’ In today’s episode I take all this on.” [various formats] (10/10/18)

The wisdom of Barry Goldwater

Source: Foundation for Economic Education
by Lawrence W Reed

“Barry Goldwater died 20 years ago, in 1998, at the age of 89. He lost a presidential election, but he fired up millions to the importance of things like limited government, rugged individualism, fealty to the Constitution, and sticking to principles. ... I think today he might be more comfortable with the libertarian label, or perhaps ‘libertarian constitutionalist.'” (10/10/18)

Ashers Baking Company: An extraordinary victory for religious liberty in the UK

Source: Acton Institute
by Richard Turnbull

“In essence, the Supreme Court found that the bakery objected to promoting a message to redefine marriage. The court pointed out that the European Convention on Human Rights protects a person from being obliged to manifest a belief which he does not hold.” (10/10/18)

The Scott Horton Show, 10/10/18

Source: Libertarian Institute

“Tim Shorrock comes back on the show to discuss his latest article at The Nation, ‘Moon and Kim Stage an Exuberant Summit in Pyongyang.’ The two leaders met again recently, he explains, and in a ground-breaking move agreed to begin reducing military tensions between the North and South, including the removal of land mines.” [various formats] (10/10/18)

Is the Supreme Court going to suffer a crisis of legitimacy?

Source: The Volokh Conspiracy
by Ilya Somin

“In the aftermath of the highly controversial confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh ... many commentators argue that the Court may soon suffer a crisis of legitimacy. … Predictions to that effect may well be overblown, as they often have been in the past. But the notion is worth taking seriously nonetheless.” (10/10/18)

Trump’s ethanol plans double down on bad environmental policy

Source: Independent Institute
by William Shughart & Arthur R Wardle

“[I]nstead of terminating the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) — which going forward requires a sharp increase in the amount of ethanol mixed into gasoline, from 15 billion gallons this year to 36 billion gallons by 2022 — it appears the Trump administration has doubled-down on biofuels.” (10/10/18)

Stop military aid to Saudi Arabia

Source: The Atlantic
by US Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)

“[A]n American is missing and likely dead at the hands of Saudi Arabia, and everyone is feigning shock and bewilderment, as if we’ve never before had cause to doubt that the Saudis share America’s values.” (10/10/18)

Ten bad reasons to eliminate federal funding for the NEA

Source: Tenth Amendment Center
by Laurence M Vance

“Suppose the arts would not have enough support without the NEA. Suppose the NEA did not just benefit cultural elitists. ... Then would it be okay for the federal government to fund the NEA? Of course it wouldn’t.” (10/10/18)

Donald Trump, Brett Kavanaugh, and the rule of pampered princelings

The Intercept
by Naomi Klein

“Trump has been sucking on a spigot of his father’s cash nonstop since he was in diapers .… not only was he spending his father’s money, he blew much of it on disastrous deal after disastrous deal. Only to be bailed out by his father’s millions time and time again. Rather than bothering to deny any of this, Trump and his surrogates have simply spun a new creation myth.”

What should the government own?

Source: The Price of Liberty
by Nathan Barton

“As with everything else, government cannot be entrusted with land. … Supposedly the land is ‘preserved’ by government for the benefit of future generations. But more and more it seems that the ‘future generation’ is always the next one.” (10/10/18)

I am so over the Constitution

Source: Medium
by James Leroy Wilson

“We judge people by what they do, not by the agreeable things they say. Likewise, we must judge a regime for what it does, not by what its constitution says.” (10/10/18)

Two things the Kavanaugh fiasco did damage to “from the right”

by Thomas L Knapp

“‘Presumption of innocence’ in the absence of proof beyond a reasonable doubt is a standard/threshold for formally (through e.g. a criminal court proceeding) penalizing someone for a crime he or she is accused of committing. That’s all it is, and demanding that its application be expanded to social interactions in general isn’t just silly, it’s dangerous.” (10/10/18)

The revolutionary economic achievement of platforms

Source: American Institute for Economic Research
by Michael Munger

“As I argued in my recent Cambridge University Press book, Tomorrow 3.0, transaction costs can be divided into three categories: 1. Triangulation …. 2. Transfer …. 3. Trust …. Any arrangement for fostering cooperation that solves all three problems is called a ‘platform.’” (10/10/18)

The Romer Nobel cheers human potential

Source: Acton Institute
by Victor V Claar

“Because most economics teaching involves good storytelling, I’ve thought a lot about how Romer fits into the story of how economic thinking about economic growth has evolved and changed over the last several hundred years. Professor Romer’s theory of long-term growth is one that fits the facts, and also helps us understand that it’s individuals that motivate lasting, perpetual growth.”

Ron Paul Liberty Report, 10/10/18

“‘Clear Sky 2018’ opened yesterday, bringing NATO troops and equipment into Ukraine for a joint military exercise. US Air Force jets will operate over Ukraine in a show of force against what is claimed to be an ‘imminent threat’ of Russian attack. Will Trump be sucked further into the mess created by Obama’s 2014 coup?” [Flash video] (10/10/18)

What to expect if Democrats win the House

Cato Institute
Michael D Tanner

“Despite an uptick in Republican enthusiasm following the spectacle of the Kavanaugh nomination, it still seems likely that Democrats will capture control of at least one chamber of Congress. And as Election Day draws nearer, we can expect both parties to cast the stakes in increasingly apocalyptic terms. But what would a Democratic Congress actually mean for the future direction of the country?”

Tom Woods: The making of an anti-war libertarian
10/11/2018 Podcast & Video No comments Edit This

Source: Reason

“[Matt Welch] sat down with Woods recently to talk about his ideological journey, his plans with the Libertarian Party, his past associations with such controversial entities as the League of the South, and his assessment of Donald Trump, among many other topics.” [Flash video] (10/10/18)

Big government apologetics

Source: Common Sense
by Paul Jacob

“Journalists play different roles. Too few report. Too many engage in elaborate apologetics for favored causes. Like big government.” (10/10/18)

There’s only one argument for college (and it’s wrong)

Everything Voluntary
by Isaac Morehouse

“The only argument for paying tuition and completing college is the old, ‘You need a degree to get a decent job.’ ... * Around 65% of grads have no job or one that doesn’t require a degree, so it’s not working. * A degree is a signal to employers of some base level of ability. You can build a better signal. ... Jobs that say ‘degree required’ don’t mean it. (10/10/18)

Blockchain 2025, 10/10/18


“Separating the FUD, the FOMO, the hype, and looking at real numbers, we analyze the state of blockchain today in Q4 of 2018. Should we bearish, bullish, or both? Listen to find out.” [various formats] (10/10/18)

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