Foreign Policy Focus, episode 297

“On FPF #297, I review the new movie Vice. Vice is the story of warmonger Dick Chaney. The movie captures any of the most evil acts of Chaney. I expand on some of the stories that only were given brief attention. I also give my take on Tulsi Gabbard’s 2020 presidential run.” [various formats] (01/14/19)

Father of protectionism: The baneful but lasting influence of Friedrich List

Source: American Institute for Economic Research
by Jeffrey A Tucker

“Among the anti-liberals of the 19th century, Friedrich List (1789-1846) stands out for his specialization on the theory and practice of trade. He was not an academic, but was and remains one of the most influential figures on the topic.” (01/13/19)

Free Talk Live, 01/13/19

“CA assemblyman arrested over spanking child :: Bitcoin and kidnapping :: CPS says photo with sleeping child is inappropriate :: What about the roads? :: Different styles of parenting :: Drunk drivers :: LTE about spanking :: Banks & untraceable currency :: Parenting :: Caller asks if Police should be able to enforce laws anywhere :: Youth Rights :: Becoming an adult :: HOSTS — Mark, Darryl, Laurel.” [Flash audio or MP3] (01/13/19)

The Anarchist Experience, episode 198

“MC’s back. What to do with your government shutdown and what we’d complain about then, how to increase your wealth consciousness even as an Anarchist, what constitutes a ‘swear wold,’ and a quick warning for crypto-traders.” [various formats] (01/13/19)


The ECB's quantitative easing was a failure -- here is what it actually did

Source: Cobden Centre
by Daniel Lacalle

"The main reason why the ECB quantitative easing program has failed is that it started from a wrong diagnosis of the eurozone’s problem. That the European problem was a demand and liquidity issue, not due to years of excess." (01/14/19)

Furloughed federal employees are STILL paid more than you

Source: Ludwig von Mises Institute
by Ryan McMaken

“[O]n average, civilian federal workers make 17 percent more than similar workers in the private sector …. Considering that a year is 52 weeks long, an average federal worker would need to be completely without any income for nearly 9 weeks in order to just be reduced to equal standing with a similar private-sector worker.” (01/12/19)

“Our porous border” and other myths of Trump’s increasingly popular wall mania

by Nick Gillespie

“[T]he number of people caught trying to enter the country illegally between checkpoints on the Southern border is one-fourth of what it was in 2000 …. And yet respectable leading Republicans ... such as Sens. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas) insist, like the president, that we are suddenly so deep in crisis nothing short of a wall can fix it.” (01/13/19)

Shutdown Theater: Blame? Why not credit?

Source: Garrison Center
by Thomas L Knapp

“According to the headline at CNN, ‘Trump bears most blame for shutdown.’ But according to the CNN/SSRS poll the story is based on, the question asked was ‘Who do you think is MORE RESPONSIBLE for the government shutdown?’ (emphasis mine). Those are two entirely different questions." (01/13/19)

Libertarianism and the shutdown

Source: Notes On Liberty
by Ethan Blevins

“Krugman points out that businesspeople are already enraged that the Small Business Administration has ceased issuing loans, an organization that many libertarians have claimed is unnecessary. Of course they’re angry — they expected something that suddenly has ceased. That has absolutely nothing to do with whether the SBA is necessary ...” (01/11/19)

The Big L Podcast, episode 9

Source: Pax Libertas Productions

“From Apathy to Anarchy: Why I am an Anarchist, What that means, and Why you should be one too.” [Flash audio] (01/11/19)

The Tom Woods Show, episode 1318

“Today Sasha Hodder, an authority on the legal and regulatory aspects of cryptocurrency, discusses the regulatory hurdles faced by crypto but also advances in privacy for users.” [various formats] (01/11/19)

Is rejecting Theresa May’s Brexit plan a “moral failure?”

Source: Acton Institute
by Richard Turnbull

“ It is surprising that seeking to ignore or reverse the decision of the biggest democratic vote in British history, on a matter not directly dealt with by scripture or tradition, can be deemed moral. It is equally surprising that enforcing that vote could be considered a moral failure." (01/11/19)

Ron Paul Liberty Report, 01/11/19

“The words ‘National Emergency’ should send shivers down the spine of anyone that values their liberty. At the same time, these words are music to the ears of those who lust after power. President Trump’s threats to rule by fiat should not be taken lightly. Ron Paul discuses on today’s Liberty Report.” [Flash video] (01/11/19)

Trump’s nighttime trip to Iraq confirms the debacle

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G Hornberger

“After 15 years of building their paradise with such things as bombs, bullets, arrests, raids, indefinite detention, torture (e.g., Abu Ghraib), and assassination, the U.S. commander in chief has to leave Washington under cover of secrecy and darkness, land in Iraq in the middle of the night ... (01/11/19)

In The Tank Podcast, episode 173
Source: Heartland Institute

“Today’s episode features work from the Manhattan Institute, the Beacon Center of Tennessee, and the Texas Public Policy Foundation.” [various formats] (01/11/19)

How liberals can be wrong on growth but right on policy

Source: Cato Unbound
by Joshua M Kim

“We progressives can’t seem to get our heads around the power of compound growth. This blind spot causes my tribe to make all sorts of cognitive errors. Mostly, we over-worry about the future.” (01/11/19)

Blast Off! with Johnny Rocket, episode 29

Source: The Launch Pad Media

“Johnny and Raylene get to know the chair of the Radical Caucus, the Libertarian wing of the Libertarian Party, in this interview with Marc Montoni!” [various formats] (01/11/19)

Tucker Carlson needs love from his leaders

Source: Libertarian Institute
by Sheldon Richman

“Fox News host and Trump cheerleader Tucker Carlson is a culturally conservative, big-government, nationalist populist. As such, he’s upset that establishment politicians and their sponsoring elite don’t care enough to promote his and his fellow Americans’ happiness. That’s weird. Why would he want them to?” (01/11/19)

Free Talk Live, 01/10/19

“AZ high school requiring students with failing grades to wear red badges, ACLU says policy violates 14th Amendment :: Libertarians cleaning (and enjoying) National Parks :: San Antonio officials object to name of new strip club :: NH Game wardens have a TV Show :: FL brewery unveils biodegradable six-pack rings :: California lawmaker proposes a ban on paper receipts? :: Banning the CA Legislature ...” [Flash audio or MP3] (01/10/19)

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