Fantastic - the UK tells the EU to go screw itself over 'Article 13' the EU's ban on meme's.

Those who love the EU can't complain about censorship, they want to be subject to it.

@aral You have some really clear vision of the problem... but then you want to use the same flawed tools that created the problem to try to fix the problems...

How about - cut government down, cut the state down, let people organise themselves. Changing fascism (private sector backed socialism) to communism (public sector backed socialism) is no improvement... You want a 'single instance server' - cool! Individuals, not enforced collectives (left or right)!!

The EU institution is the problem.

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"Relying on the government to protect your privacy is like asking a peeping tom to install your window blinds." - @JPBarlow, co-founder of EFF.
Donate today to support our work.

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Minarchist: the constitution is the greatest document in history, it binds the government in chains

: is the government currently in chains?

Minarchist: well, no, but...

: sounds like a great document!

Today the UK takes a small step back towards sanity.

Unless Boris wants to replace May as 'worst PM ever', he will have to deliver for pro-independence brits.

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Libertarians celebrate private charity and acts of kindness.

We believe in helping people because it's the right thing to do, not because it's forced on you by the government.

What's your favorite voluntary charity?

@aral being 'in love' is one thing, but entrusting someone with political control over your life is something else entirely...

Do you have a blog link for your comments on her green deal?

@andrej Because the IT people in demand are craftsmen - not commodities.

Good IT people need agents to negotiate the best deal for their specific talents, not unions negotiating one size fits no-one pay deals.

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Julian Assange should not be extradited to US - Jeremy Corbyn For once Jeremy Corbyn is right
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@aral So surely you have done a template (or app) to do all the red tape stuff?

We so need to cut government down to size that it can't dump all this cr*p on us.

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UK goverment is preventing VPN and TOR users from browsing it's websites
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@Liberty4Masses Indeed - government *does* nothing. It just forces *you* to pay for things that people think you don't value enough to get done yourself.

It knowingly, purposely and forceably makes you work against what you consider your own best interest.

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France has a new Napoleon/Marie Antoinette.

UK has a new Lady Haw Haw/Neville Chamberlain

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By 100% destroying the Conservative Party at the next general election, whoever does win will be on notice as to what will happen if they also fail to complete #Brexit.

Destroy the Tory Party.

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