So 150 years on the USA is still a bitterly divided country - maybe it should never have been forced to be one unhappy one at all.

The Vonu Podcast guys do great work, but I just can't stand patreon... maybe will make it better... but I am not going to chose to pay extra money to the government... soz.

A bit of crypto now and then... but no patreon benefits...

A decentralised, anonymous unit of exchange would be a good idea...

Gosh... Just noticed that Facebook pulled some of the books I sell on my website...

Don't know when, I never saw an email/notification...

Different countries different experiences.

In the UK the freedoms are in a pile between the citizen and government and no one say for sure who is in control or handing them to whom.

I can't stand politicians and public employees putting stuff behind commercial paywalls - we have *already paid them*!!

Mock authority? Face to face? (at least we can still just about do that in the UK!) follow me, watch it happen... (soz but authority is on the bird stream, so can't give that up yet).


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