We know the risks from a 'cashless society' - if government control your access to money, they know everything you do and they control your life.

So what we need to do (short term) is flip this!

Require the government to use a state crypto-token for all internal payments!

The treasury would mint/redeem tokens, tax would be paid in tokens and private sector suppliers would be paid in tokens.

Every penny of tax could be traced from taxpayer to external supplier - so ending fraud and abuse...

I don't follow this at all... So to end the threat of a cashless society, we need to embrace it... Because we could use it to catch government in acts of corruption (as if the corruption isn't already abundantly obvious)?

How about start using sound money amongst peers, like gold or silver? 😁

@bigl0af no, no, no!! Only the government/state should be obliged to be cashless!! *If* they adopt this and run it for a decade or so, then we can consider whether it makes sense generally...

Just make em use gold or silver - they stopped doing that for a reason... It kept em sorta honest, or at least made em pay attention to the purse a bit lol

@bigl0af No! if the government used gold/silver we taxpayers couldn't trace it! The state should be cashless for *all the reasons* the free public don't want to be!!

The *public* should use gold/silver/anono-crypto/etc --- the state should use cashless, traceable crypto... so we can see where every penny/cent goes...

@bigl0af I got a load of pre 1920 thee penny bits (95% silver). In 1920 one would get you half a pint of beer or four loaves of bread.

Today the 1970's three 'new penny' coins would get you nothing -- while the 1920's silver three pence will still get you half a pint of beer and a huge modern sliced loaf.

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