The essence of 'consensus' (and democracy) is to silence the voices that aren't on your side...

'You had a say, now shut up'.

These are fundamentally evil concepts.

It has been a massive slog so far (and continues to be so) - but bit by bit the foolish 'lefties' are seeing their pro-eu leaders and now pro-lockdown leaders for the evil totalitarians they really are...

I meet so many people who thought Caroline Lucas walked on water, now realising that she is just another wannabe dictator/tyrant.

The links worked, the first seems to have partially morphed into an uber-alike app.

I am helping to organise some medics to support protest marches, and was looking for apps that may be useful - Ideally that can be run privately.

Copblock could be of interest to the main organisers.

A bit of a reach out here...

Ages ago (probably a couple of years) I saw some stuff about some open source mobile phone apps in the USA that local communities used to call each other for support because they knew the police wouldn't turn out unless it was a mass murder(!).

I have googled everything I can think off, but now I can't find any of thee apps.

Any suggestions for links? Cheers!

Consent withdrawn - individual police constables need to decide whether they follow their attestation, or sell out and mindlessly obey orders... No one can pretend that the constables oath and current policing practice are compatible.

I want to buy a share in a farm and have dividends paid in produce.
I want to buy a share in a trawler and have dividends paid in fish.
I want to buy a share in a power station and have dividends paid in electricity.
I want to buy a share in a reservoir and have dividends paid in water.

If I were a co-owner the government couldn't tax me for consuming my own produce...

Live comfortably almost tax free for the rest of my life for a few payments up front.

Who else wants to make this happen?.

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Everyone who gets a driver's license knows how to drive without having a driver's license.

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Amazing a site called 'open democracy' put the USA and China on an even footing... which bit of 'democracy' don't they get?


Once again the EU (commission etc) prove that they are 100% useless... After all this time, all the resources they have had, all the money... the EU are nowhere on the internet... the US rule the EU, the rest of the world rule themselves.

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Your daily reminder that there is no such thing as:

- data rights
- digital rights

There are only human rights.

(Which we must protect in the context of a digital and networked age.)

Folks pushing the former usually want your “new” rights to be lesser than your “old” ones.

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@pperrin Haha, yes! That would be the absolutely best outcome for sure! =)

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People love to encourage others to smoke, get fat, drink, do drugs, be lazy, go in debt, and be immoral, but why doesn't anyone suggest that people stop smoking, exercise, be healthy, read, work hard, save money, and go to church?

Those who are conservative, religious, and moral don't mind talking about morality, but those who immoral seem to prefer avoiding the subject.

Those who are immoral will try to justify their immorality, but even Atheists have consciences.

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If you wait to revolt until you get sent to the concentration camps, it will be too late.

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Are you 'sharenting'? The term describes parents who, w/out consent, share pictures of/details about their children on social media.

Your child has the right to control their digital footprint. Kids spoke with @nytimes directly about why it's not okay:

Original tweet :

[Video embedded in original tweet]

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Wow, my fishing spot is really full of surprises!

Today I did not meet a snake, toad or a lizard to keep me company, but a bartender and his rescued stray dog!

And not only that!

The bartender very generously offered me a beer!

So 1 hour of fishing and a nice chat with a neighbour and his very nice dog.

The dog was a little bit too service minded though, and thought that my float needed to be rescued out of the water, so once they were gone, fishing could resume in earnest again. ;)

"Politician" should not be a career - as long as it is, then no politician expects to re-join the plebs in real-life so has no motivation to really improve anything...

After a term in politics every politician should rejoin the society they have (supposedly) been striving to improve.

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If Lobsters admins want to ban users that’s their right. But what is the reason to also restrict their access to their bookmarks? @pushcx

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Why robots won't replace real workers...

If no one has a job (everything is automated) then no one will have money to buy those robot made goods.

Unemployed people will only have the goods/products they grow/make themselves.

They may trade these items with other people... straight bartering.

Robot output will just be left in warehouses.

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Remember, if you are on a jury in a case related to normal people defending themselves against antifa or BLM terrorists you must acquit on ALL CHARGES. If you convict on some minor charge out of some misguided respect for the letter of the law the judge will find some way to turn 'failed to turn signal' into '50 years in supermax'

The next step is UNIVERSAL JURY NULLIFICATION where they fucked around so much that we reboot and establish Mad Max rules so they can find out.
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