El 40% de los británicos quiere que las máscaras permanezcan de forma permanente (en tiendas y transporte público), aunque desaparezca el COVID.

El 26% apoya el cierre permanente de las discotecas.
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40% of people in Britain want masks to remain PERMANENTLY, even if COVID disappears.

26% sup…

El 35% apoya la cuarentena de 10 días para volver del extranjero para siempre. Independientemente del COVID”.

El 19% apoya un toque de queda a partir de las 10 de la noche para no salir de casa sin una buena razón (aunque no haya covid)

@pitiklinov Pro-lockdown bots in the UK. Is this how the world works now?

It's funny how this incredible DELTA mutation has spread across the whole world despite all of the travel and other regulations still in place. Amazing! Like we didn't already know that viruses constantly circle the globe unaided by humans. They are everywhere inside and outside of our bodies. May as well face it. That's how the world works!

#FakeComments #UK #ForcingLockdown with fake polls

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