Idgaf anymore. Every woman needs to get a gun. Buy a gun. Take classes. Get a gun license. Open carry 24/7. Take a gun in the bathroom. Make eye contact with every fucking male that tries to enter. I was 100% in favor of removing all guns until this week. Every woman should own and carry a gun all of the fucking time. Take our spaces BACK. Dont let them force us out. Take self defense classes. Buy. A. Weapon. Protect yourself and other women and girls.

Looking at timeline

As if people want twatter to get decimated for humanity reasons.

> I'm all for destroying chidlpron promoting platform


Post Biden Inauguration

What I'm concerned is about {what thing will be re-norm-ed} & {what thing will kept unchanged}.

I mean will mass internet purging come to an end? is that only happening in anticipation of Trumpism and will end once Biden (they) got the throne?

> The change of the leader often brings some expectation to a reset to some phenomenon.

It's still too early to conclude anything but I think this is great way to filter any <FUD imbued video title> to watch.

Bill gates to destroy a normal sunlight, are we need 'right for natural environment'?


Reading novels, help you to understand the politics

of course not the love novel

in Norwegian, a butterfly is known as a "sommerfugl" - a summerbird.

It's weird no "CHINA" spotted here? James are you chinese agent?

Typical arguments of Qtards is amazing.

To create a good product

Is mimicking genesis in the process, imbuing the soul in it.

us pol there is no limit 

stupidity goes brrr

*and comment section won't load even though it's just html text and not much of it

Next Anarchapulco to be virtually streamed. Can't wait for certain predictions.

Keiser, GCelente, MoneyGps, George Gammon, PeakProsperity, PeterSchiff is base minimum for your alertness.

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