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warning listen it once, you cannot unhear

Snarky Puppy - Outlier (We Like It Here)

Climate disorder,
Covid19 disorder,
Currency disorder,
<you name it>

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call me a shill, but 

Someone can't handle the truth saying Max Kaiser working for Russians for he are despising the neo-feudalist central banking system you know the block who own it.

This kind of guy don't know anything, Max already sell his soul to god Satoshi Nakamoto ... cannot serve 2 master at the same time.

deplatforming is hitting left and right, only the noble and elite class won't be touched.

your stockholm syndrome preventing you move on from truth rapist (fake news and big tech)

and I'm curious imagine you're in between two side of angry people, will it be better if you let them decide for themself to achieve free-market resolution or else you risk yourself lol

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stupidest decision you can make is when you're the most angry or fear


I can see this event already
Celebtard gonna be celebtard

Billionaire Kim Kardashian's divorce could have implications for her KKW branding and business

Shortest way brave browser 

global setting default, except :
cookies : block all

extension to be installed :
duckduckgo essential
vimium c

> I can tweak librewolf as many I want, and it won't break. But brave will break at sometimes. Very unreliable.

Russia is for real - they're not joking with words - while US led NATO enjoying its idiocracy. Maybe with Trump this stupid Ukraine escalation will not happen.

I'm afraid it will be rational for Russia to preemptive strike against weaker Ukraine and set it as example to mitigate against the looming WW3 (fight of 'USD' hegemony).

And Ex-Comedian Zelensky highly probably incompetent AF, such a meme president

I think its just limit from twidere, cannot load more tweet.

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its WEIRD, 'the lefty' twitter apparently only allow comment to exist in an hour for specific topic. I'm not sure if disclosetv need to delete these replies (read my toot before)

US Foreign Policy in a nutshell 

Kick kick lick kick me meme me

it seems for these days, hardly recognizing librewolf as firefox anymore.

too many to watch 

Watching livestream is not preferable, its more time efficient watching the replay in 3x speed or even skimming it using 100x (mpv only).

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