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FT Detrick (again) 

> β€œFt. Detrick” being a hush word in the US media says a lot
> For some people it's impossible for US gov making a mistake in global scale, protecting 'wrongdoing' is that really patriotic?
> 911-embryo with China as Afghanistan


Virtual World and Real World Collide

I stumbled across a really good video explaining scientifically how the mind creates the "ego self" and doesn't mention eastern philosophy at all.


Steal the real for government thingy


Platform locked and traceable crypto wallet


Imminent Market Crash


Sin to own Crypto

do what they most afraid of,
they'll do that anyway privately

Ebrahim Raisi 

One of THE geopolitical pics of the Raging Twenties.

Raisi praying in the Kremlin.

He told Putin: "We have been resisting the Americans for more than 40 years.”

About Russia 

How to shorten NATO playing their games?
Time limit and some real adult

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