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FT Detrick (again) 

> β€œFt. Detrick” being a hush word in the US media says a lot
> For some people it's impossible for US gov making a mistake in global scale, protecting 'wrongdoing' is that really patriotic?
> 911-embryo with China as Afghanistan

ugly duckling 

When you judge yourself by random people's standard

Imperialist Agenda 

It's not about US war Against China, but also world-domination agenda.

It seems offending China turns out so fruitful: getting nuclear submarine could get Australia military upper-hand against its Melanesian territory. They can blockade whatever they want.

Only fools believes its just to contain Chyna

Far from the kingdom, makes own kingdom.

Where I am from isn’t important. What’s important is where I am going

Permanent members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization are now China, Russia, Iran, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

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about:afg (last) 

you can never trust what radical-muslims in sharialand said about their govs, ignore what they said : open the quran and hadith. What will they do, is in there.

they said : school is important for women
> they only let school for only men

they said : they won't kill the enemy and start anew
> they'll enslave them as spoils of war

they said : okay dealing with China
> the minimal : they'll treat them as kuffar

they said : opium will stop
> why not? we have no money

Cantillon Effect 

> Why 'communist' is bad.
> This is also absolute proof that enemy is outsider, therefore AUKUS.
> Focus to what 'we tell you' not what you think.
> The fed is holy, so trust them with your soul.
> In the end patriot will be happy.

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