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Empty Tabernacle 

Ubi Caritas Est Vera (Where Charity Is True)

diakonia koinonia marturia

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just a western blonde woman promoting to eat amazing and delicious disgusting living bugs using a frickin chopstick (implying a sushi?) in a luxurious way (look at the color)

*a plethora of 'challenges'

The murder in India of a Hindu tailor, Kanhaiya Lal, for his alleged support of remarks by an ex-spokesperson for political party BJP about Islam's Prophet Mohammed, prompted a massive rally in Udaipur, with police deployed en masse amid fears of religious violence

antihate dot ca may have to update their hate symbols, two of them on here are in the logo of people being armed by the usa.

Paul Massaro: We have a Russia problem, not a Putin problem
Random westerner : this is a wrong statement. let‘s not generalize
Random orc :

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